Being Fit: Misleading Expectations

In previous articles, I explained what is my mission statement and what is my work with my clients.

I work mostly with ladies between 20 to 40 years of age on achieving better physical appearance, and also on building their self-confidence. One can’t work without other, and sadly the second is more important and so scarce with my clients.

Many of my clients are obese and have numerous difficulties in their daily performances. One client even decided not to participate in our summer activities. She does not go to beaches and never wears a swimsuit. I have to say that this client, in particular, is not obese, she is only a little plump. Well, plumpy. Round-ish. I don’t know what mirror she has at home, but I guess not one that  I usually buy in a store. 🙂  I’m thinking something from the “House of mirrors” where you have joke mirrors inside.

This is horribly wrong and a big tragedy because I am talking specifically about young individual and I believe she’s treating herself very wrong. We are covered with magazine models, so if a skinny stick figure with bones protruding skin is not achieved it causes great depression and unhealthy approach to one’s self-worth and self-image.

I said I work mostly with ladies, but I also work with men of different age. They usually behave like this sort of training is not important or it is a joke, but the joke is a their way of life. While women usually gain weight by giving birth to children, men gain it by other means. Usually overeating. I say usually because there are also ladies who are big eaters and I have a male client with gland problems, so he is huge over some other medical reasons.

People expect to start losing weight at the moment they step inside my program. I saw cases where clients would be jumping to the scales in the other part of the gym right after the first ‘sweat session’ and pointing finger notably to air pointing to the very important fact they paid for this and expect pounds comply to their costs. This was border case, but I find it important to mention. It is not so rare that unfortunate misunderstandings lead losing clients who expect too much.

Clients mostly don’t understand that losing weight is not as easy as gaining it. This is a common problem on clients that an instructor has to deal with on a physical fitness program.

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    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      It is too bad some people miss point and just stick to something even if it is not working. Old habits and beliefs die hard.

  1. Jo Pin

    I think for me, the best way to being fit and staying fit is to appreciate yourself. No matter how you look like or how much you weight, God has a reason for it.

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