Being Fit: What to Eat?

There are many reasons why I don’t subscribe to any diet or I  rarely allow myself to be dragged into the dangerous labyrinth of calories and foods.

One reason is, I like food very much, I like to eat and the person who will forbid my daily cookie limit yet has to be born. This is unlikely to be heard from gym coach, but here you go. To spare my body of the useless act of chewing ungrateful calories and eat less food that gives no energy, I decided a long time ago to buy only quality cookies. I don’t buy white floor trash. You will not find that in my huge ‘work’ bag. White floor delicacies are very tasty, but they go straight into my equatorial areas and I don’t want it. So, the whole grain products are far better, I warmly recommend them. And now we can find lots of healthy products that do not taste like chewed up hay. They are actually tasty and very healthy.

I know some contain traces of nuts and chocolate, but it is all for the greater good. We need some joy and happiness in our lives, why not start morning routine with it. It beautifies the whole day to come.
One more thing, you also need fat in your diet. Don’t listen to any strictly fat speeches, that is the very dangerous thing to do. Do not exclude healthy fats from your diet, no matter what. Why? It is necessary for some bodily functions and processes so it is not advisable to completely exclude it.

Same goes for carbs. Do you want low carb diet? Do you want low brain functions too? No? Well great, now we’re talking smart.
Carbs are necessary for your brain to work. If you eat cakes, candies, and sugar – your brain will be happy, but it is your body that may or may not store down some extra energy. The brain will be happy to get as many carbs as it can.

You can always exchange sugars for honey and fructose, or fruit drinks and shakes. It is the same thing but better reaction for your metabolism. And it will make you feel better too.

Who need low carbs? The bodybuilders to lose coverage above their muscles so that physic appears more defined and more muscular. Normal people don’t look like that.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    We follow a plant diet and many things we eat are raw. Eating foods in their natural state, such as raw apples, raw bananas, makes more sense to us than processed food. Hopefully people will learn a few things from your articles here.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Everything that is of natural has its own natural benefits especially plants to the people who consume it. Nowadays, organic products are filling the market.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    By the way, I am just curious if you are a nutritionist or a licensed dietician. You are talking as if you are an authority about the carbs intake and the fats. Pardon me if I am wrong. You should cite a disclaimer about this but you couldn’t recommend unless you are an authority.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Yap, it is better to mention it. In the first place, I am confused for I have already read your self information. But I forgot that you are a gym trainer.

  3. Jo Pin

    Well we often hear this. “We are what we eat and eat what we are.” But sometimes we forget what is enough and what is needed.

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