Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Skin

Do you need a reason to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet? Think on it. A new study has shown that greater amounts of fruits and vegetables – is an all-natural way to make the skin more attractive. This is the way our beloved ‘Mother Nature’, can give the skin a healthy color. In fact, researchers suggest that white people’s skin color changes in the direction of a pink or gold.

It may be associated with the number of servings of vegetables and fruits consumed daily. These antioxidant-rich foods that contain plant pigments seem to affect the color of the skin. In the course of the study, researchers analyzed data from thirty five students from a university. The average age of students was twenty one years old. Participants filled out special questionnaires in which they described how often they ate certain foods during all three stages of a six-week study.

On an average, the students took three servings of vegetables and fruits a day. In the beginning, and the third and sixth weeks of the study, researchers evaluated the skin tones of each participant in seven different parts of the body including the cheeks, forehead, shoulders and upper arms. Result – a healthy and attractive skin! To improve the appearance of the skin, it did not take long time and a significant increase in food products.

After six weeks, scientists have recorded a significant strengthening of pink and golden colors of the skin in people who have increased the number of fruits and vegetables. More than healthy, pink skin color was associated with the addition of one portion of fruit and vegetables a day. Changes in skin color associated with food have occurred over a relatively short period of time, and were achieved by relatively modest changes in power.


  1. Cris Bernal

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