Blog Bourne Introduces Weekly Writing Prompts…But Why Participate?


Blog Bourne has been coming up with many wonderful ideas and programs to help their writers succeed on the site. Recently they instituted a Weekly Writing Prompt program. Each Monday there will be a prompt in the forums and posted in the Facebook group, Bourne to Write. There is no requirement to participate in the weekly prompt, it is only there to help and suggest.

Who Needs Writing Prompts?

Well, sometimes every writer needs a little brainstorming and some fresh ideas. Perhaps you don’t write as much as you like because you are tired of coming up with your own topic, or you have just run out of thoughts and ideas to write about. Trust me, it happens to all writers at some point. Throw topics at me and I can write all day. If I have to come up with my own, I think more than I write.

Besides, writing about something totally different than you are used to can challenge you to step outside of your niche zone. When a writer gets too comfortable with their topics, they can become bored with it. Writing should be about passion for your craft, even though we are all trying to earn from it.

Do I have to Use the Exact Topic?

The writing prompts are meant to give ideas and suggestions. What you create and post is entirely up to you. It’s not so much about what you write as it is about helping you to be inspired to write. For instance, Blog Bourne recently hosted a writing challenge about 40 Knives. If you read the articles that participants posted, they are all very different.

Perhaps you will read the prompts and it will remind you of something else entirely. That’s okay. When I read about the 40 Knives challenge that was about someone who actually ingested 40 knives, I immediately started thinking about the addiction of eating strange things. My post had nothing to do with knives, yet the challenge made me think of something to write.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you read a writing prompt. If everyone wrote about the exact same thing, we would get tired of reading it over and over. Strive to come up with unique, fresh ideas. Look at the word or suggestions in the weekly prompts. What immediately comes to mind? That is probably the topic you should write about.

Remember, that the Weekly Writing Prompt is not a contest and no one is required to participate. It is merely another new tool that Blog Bourne has to help its writers succeed. Check it out on Monday mornings and see if the prompts interest you. It’s a great way to kick-start your week and get the writing juices flowing.


  1. Rex Trulove

    Thankfully, I seldom have trouble coming up with title ideas. I think that stems back to the Helium days when I was seeding an average of 500 titles a week and sometimes more if there was a special project. Believe it or not, at one time they actually paid me a penny apiece for the titles. LOL

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I have to admit that I sometimes really have the urge to write, but just can’t come up with a topic I am “feeling” at the moment. I did enjoy being able to look through Helium’s titles for ideas.

    2. Lois Ryan

      I too wrote for Helium when they used the channels. Most of my home remedy articles came from there, though I didn’t publish everything I wrote. When it changed to Helium 360, I was no longer active on that site.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Great! Thanks! That’s the whole point of a writing prompt is to get people thinking and brainstorming. One word can lead to a whole list of topics. I hope you and many others participate.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      That happens to me sometimes too. I have all kinds of ideas and will even start articles in my head. But when I get to the computer, I go blank! I think it’s every writers curse.

  2. Tania K Cowling

    I appreciate your research and work to come up with prompts each week. I’m sure they will come in handy when the brain-fog hits me. Let’s all think about the holidays soon, as it’s easier to get indexed if we write early.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Thanks Tania. Don’t tell, but I am sure there will be some holiday prompts coming up in the near future!

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Actually writing about how you can find time to write is a good idea. People love to read articles on how to improve writing time or quality.

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