Blog Bourne Launches New Facebook Group

We are excited to announce that we just recently created a group on Facebook, called Bourne to Write, for all Blog Bourne writers and staff. Why a Facebook group when there is already a forum here, you may ask? It is because Blog Bourne strives to give its writers as many tools as possible to help them succeed on the site. The Facebook group is just another one of many new and exciting things this site has added for its members.

What Can I do in this Group?

We have designed the group as a way for members to get to know each other on a social media site. You can find other members there that perhaps you haven’t seen on the Blog Bourne site that you might want to connect with. As your friends contacts grow, more people will see your posts and possibly read and share them. It’s all a part of networking.

You will also be able to ask questions if you need help. Kyla (@ruby3881) and I are both administrators of the group, so one of us will be around to help you out. Other staff members and the site owners are also in the group. Bourne to Write Facebook Group is another avenue along the information highway, so to speak, that will keep you informed of what’s going on, new things coming to the site and another place for you to get to know each other.

So How Do I Join?

If you are new to Facebook groups, don’t worry, they are very user friendly. Find the group on Facebook by clicking this link in the above paragraph. Ask to join and either I or Kyla will accept your request. That’s it! Once you are a member, you can look around, ask questions and read the things that are already posted.

There are a few rules, to keep the group orderly, so be sure to read those and leave a comment. The group is very new, so while there is not much there right now, we will be steadily adding things, so check in often. Also feel free to suggest things you might like to see posted in the group.

Check the Files

At the top of the page, you will see a tab that says Files. That section is empty right now, but as we start to build the group, there will be a lot of helpful information there. You will be able to find Blog Bourne users profile links, links to forum sections that will help you and also useful tips to help keep your writing experience a successful one.

Weekly Prompts and Writing Buddies

We recently announced these two exciting things also. You can find information on them in the Facebook group too. I am the moderator for the Weekly Prompts and Pat Anthony is the moderator for the Writing Buddies program. Pat will be in the Facebook group to answer questions and post announcements there too, so we will all be easy to find if you need help.

That’s about it for now! See you at Bourne to Write (Blog Bourne Writer’s Group.)



    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      John, @iwrite, came up with #BourneToWrite when we were brainstorming hashtags. I think it has already taken on a life of its own! Please feel free to use this hashtag when you share your BlogBourne posts on social media 😀

  1. Tania K Cowling

    Having a Facebook group is awesome, not only for information, but to make friends with the other writers. Glad this media was put into place.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      The group is now live on Facebook and has 16 members already. We hope you do come join us soon.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      We would be happy to have you in the group. Just go to the Facebook group and request to join.

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