Blog Bourne – my new writing site

It’s good to know that a new writing site was born which is called BlogBourne which is owned by a Filipino blogger.  I wonder where this name came from.  I wrote some blog posts on the following:

Some people wonder what blog is all about?

Some terminologies:

A blog is a post in which a certain topic was discussed online.

Blogger is the individual who creates the blog.  In a professional manner – most people call them writers or online reviewers.

Blogging is the process of writing online about certain topics such as the following:

  • Event
  • Situation
  • Personalities like Artists and Politicians
  • Hobbies like Cooking and Baking
  • Books and Movie Reviews and many more

Blogging is one of the good sources of income by some website owners. They earn through paid advertisements depending on the traffic they got from their website.  Having a website filled with good writers would help a website earn more.

Guidelines in creating your blog post:
– Create an article consisting of more than 400 words using your own words and content.
– Language must be in English since it’s the universal language
– Upload an image you own.  If it’s from websites allowing you to use their image-you need to indicate where it came from and give credit to the one who upload it as much as possible.
-Copyright materials like posts, photos, audio and videos plays a big role when you are creating articles online

-Follow your valuable connections, as much as possible interact with those writers who comments on your posts

-Your post or blog should not include pornography, racism, nudity and
hate contents (Google AdSense Guidelines)

And don’t forget to read the TOS of the website.



  1. shaloo walia

    I have worked on all the sites you mentioned. I wonder how we never crossed paths. By the way, I didn’t know that the owner of the site is from Phillipines.

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