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I am not a professional writer, but I always like to write in my personal blogs. It is great to have our own journal online, not only to jot down our life experiences and thoughts, but also share some good information with people around the world.

Internet is such a wonderful place, where nowadays we have the opportunities to stay at home and still make some extra money while also doing something we like. I have participated in a few pay to blog sites, and today I am glad I was introduced to this new site by an online friend, a friend whom I knew from another blogging site. It’s always great to see someone took the courage and initiative to start a new business like this. Without a second thought, I joined this site.

My first impression with BlogBourne is the web design is simple, neat and clean. The site is easy to navigate as each tab or button seems to be so easy to understand, even for a new user like me. Hence it doesn’t take me long to explore the site, and I am able to start writing my first blog post here. Just click on the Write button, and start writing.

Bloggers around the world gather here again. We share information, exchange ideas and support each other as well. I am glad to see many familiar faces here, so I do not feel myself being in a totally new place even though this is my first day here.

If you like to write and share, you can join BlogBourne, as you can also earn some extra money and meet many good friends here.


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      Lee Ka Post author

      Hi Brenda, nice to see you here too. I am glad to have found this site. Hope we will enjoy spending time here! ^_^

  1. Profile photo of IcyBC

    It feels like home, isn’t it? I like the fact that I know ahead of what I am getting, and not going into it blindly to be able find out like that site we know 🙂

    Good to have you here!

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    Gil Camporazo

    You’re right. It is simple and easy to navigate. And writing is no problem. Earning a coin takes a little effort. Hope this wouldn’t complicated matter later on. I hope the members would cooperate and won’t abuse this site.

  3. Profile photo of grace

    I fitted quite easily here having had the experience of writing on similar sites. Hope to be active here and read your posts.

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    I’ve just joined and I’m still exploring this site. It’s great to see so many familiar names and faces.

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