Blogbourne Income Strategy to Increase Earnings



What is your own strategy to increase your earnings here ? I’m sure we have a different way to increase our earnings.All that I know to increase my earnings here is to be active on this site if possible I can write a 5 post daily,  keep interacting and keep sharing everyone’s post.


Even though I’m not sure if what is the exact date every month I will get paid here.If someone can write a post here what is the calculation of payments and when is the date of payments  the better to read and to know some info about payments.


As of now, I’m more focus to keep on thinking what topics that I can post here and to keep busy with interaction.The more coins the better compensation that I will receive in time.What is the important now is that this site should have  a lot of post to read and more visitors to visit with our every post.


I believe that every post here should always interesting that is why I make sure that my title can catch everyone’s attention.


I admit that there are times my post are just simple and not that much interesting because my ideas to write interesting post seldom comes in my thoughts especially when I have a lot of things that I’m thinking . I have lesser ideas to post because my mind is always occupied.


At night before I sleep when I cannot sleep right away I have a lot of ideas that pop ups in my mind then I write it in my notebook as a new article to write for tomorrow.


  1. ANDRE' G

    Money has been scientifically proven to be a poor motivator to inspire production. what they say, is that there is an overwhelming leaning towards sensory or spiritual gratification rather than the monetary system, so, while this true, it would be nice to know what the value of a BlogBourne coin is.

    A great post, a clear reflection of your unbridled enthusiasm, a trait, which sadly has become an elusive and rare quality, to be nurtured at all cost.

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