BlogBourne New Online Blogging Site Launches

A new online blogging site has launched and is attracting the attention of the online blogging community. BlogBourne is accepting members for its’ ad revenue sharing site.

What Is BlogBourne?

BlogBourne is a new online writing site which has opened its’ virtual doors for bloggers to write and earn.

BlogBourne new online blogging site has launched.


First Impressions Of BlogBourne Site

The creators have a thorough understanding of the software and hardware necessary to run the site. Growing pains this week with the server were resolved promptly and administration was transparent in communicating the issues and steps toward resolution.

The writing interface is a stripped down version of the WordPress platform. If you use WordPress there will be no learning curve. If you have used other online writing platforms it will be a short learning curve and resembles many of the internal writing platforms you have used at other sites.

The site is in beta mode so expect additions and tweaks along the way to the format and ability to share posts.

You Are A Skeptical Blogger

But of course. Understandable.

And as always ‘buyer beware’ and you assume the risk. Online blogging sites which depend upon ad revenue to pay its’ members are few and far between these days. And as always you are leasing a room in someone else’s house and must abide by their rules.

The BlogBourne site is currently in Beta mode and according to the support page will officially launch August 1, 2016.

How To Help Any Site Succeed

The current minimum word count is 200 words; however quality content with a minimum of 300 words will give your post the best chance of being indexed by google which in turn helps increase ad revenue to the site and your prospective payout.

Or perhaps you are looking for a site to host your personal blog to network or socialize. Socialization incentives are available for interacting and posting.

How this all plays out remains to be seen. Either way any site needs revenue to ultimately succeed.

BlogBourne does give you the the opportunity to create a free online blog without maintaining a site yourself.

How To Register At BlogBourne

I have decided to give BlogBourne a trial. If you have been active on other sites chances are you will recognize many of those bloggers already registered.

Hop on over to BlogBourne to take a look, register your name and judge for yourself.

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  1. Marie Edgerly

    Great article. I love the idea that you can start your own blog and in time have be able to get paid for it. I just joined and so far I am liking the layout and site. I believe in time , this site will be successful. Just like everything, it takes time!

  2. Vinaya

    Nice article.However, it would have been better if you had published this on other website. People on this site already know about this site.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Great article! I love that you address people’s concerns head-on and that you can identify with writers who may be reluctant to take the risk on yet another writing site. Transparency is so important with a new site, and all of us can help by encouraging people to acknowledge that elephant in the room – and then move past it as we experience the BlogBourne difference 🙂

  4. Lee Ka

    I am glad there is a new blogging site emerging. Since it’s new, I guess we just have to give it a try and see if we like it . Hope this is a good site for us to stay. 🙂

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