Blogbourne Newbie Here In Da House

As a newbie here I am still testing out the site and looking around. So far I’m pretty much familiar with everything except a few things that I’m sure will be found out soon enough. It’s nice to be able to get into writing again, it’s only been a few months if that since I have stopped. I would love to read more articles of my friends as well. If this site pans out just as good as another site or better then I’m here to stay.

If nothing else, I find it great to get to stay in touch with lots of my friends I have already on Facebook. Most know me as my real first name and that other name I use because I was playing Farmville for awhile. But I decided to choose CatMom now here for a simple change. Hopefully this won’t throw many off into thinking who I am and why I’m friending people thinking they might know who I am. Haha

I’m grateful for my friend Grecy for tuning me into this new site. I was tagged by her to check this place out and I am very grateful for the opportunity to try it out. I know as writers we have all been having our ups and downs with sites like this but somehow we can all pull together and start to believe again. What I have learned about writing sites is their revenue has to be top notch in order for them to pay us a decent amount.


    1. CatMom NJ Post author

      Thanks John, I will. I just don’t get as many comments and views as everyone else though :/

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