BlogBourne: Quality Content Beyond 200 Words

Quality Content is the backbone of every blogging site, without it, the enormous dilemma will surely be backfire that will eventually lose all future attempts to save the site and BlogBourne is no exception to the rule.

In order to have good standing in Google, we really need to take actions before anything else, one good habit is to proofread the article — spelling, grammar, etc. Try to Google about a particular subject, but this time, let the rich keywords put it i to your writing. Here are some keywords that you can be sure it will have an impact in your blog..

We all have emotions, so try to play with these keywords and put some feeling in your blog.



If your blog is all about adventure or flexing some muscles you might try a few words with these:


and a lot more!


These words are tested by the seasoned bloggers for so many years. Just don’t abuse it. Try to keep it simple with finesse, treat it as a tool to be used for making your blog more appealing and with great importance.

Your blog is you, so whatever your subject is, make it as easy to understand, make the reader glued to your blog just like watching a television with your favorite program or show. It is important to catch their attention in order for them to engage and read some more of your insights about your particular topic, for all you know traffic will follow, people appreciate your work and eventually you’ll have a lot of readers around the globe!


Right now all I can say Put Your Keywords and Power In Your Blog and see the difference.


For further reading about blogging, SEO, Keywords, Traffic and others please go to this link:



  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a great topic for a post on a new writing site, John! Both topical keywords and these emotionally-charged “power words” are helpful in writing our posts. I hope everyone will try using some of the words you listed.

  2. Daisy

    great too I sometimes like to use words that are rarely used but has deeper meaning. I still need a counter hahah 🙂

  3. artislee

    This is good. It helps in determining what topic you may want to write. I’m still not that psyched in blogging again. I have to find a good topic for my blogs.

  4. Isabel

    This is good information. I’ve been writing alright but never really cared about these things. No wonder my blog hasn’t earned me much, haha

  5. grace

    I have written a post why users will not take the trouble here to want to see their post in Google Search and get many views for the simple reason views do not earn here. Am I right?

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