Blogbourne Review: Why I decided to stick with it

As you maybe know already I am only a weekend writer and my busy day activity leaves little to no space for any serious blogging.

From my online colleagues who write professionally, I learn that you can prosper if you stick to the page and commit to your duties daily participating and enticing others the same.

First, I have to admit that 400 words are impractical because this is twice longer than I planned to write on the websites of the same model.

This is also one and the only flaw I managed to find in the Blogbourne. Everything that I see is very admirable and very user-friendly.  The administrator and whoever worked on the Blogbourne made a wonderful job.

I started working some time ago, I think it was a month ago, and stopped. I waited to see what shall follow and how many points value will be. This  was also after school started and I had to catch up with my home obligations. It is not easy or timely to work, tend home duties and tend children. Especially the school child who requires additional attention and work.

I can say that the Blogbourne was much better for me from a perspective of only 200 words.


The admin now published the Transparency report with the primary concern on the earnings and secular on the website functions and future. It is up to an every writer to accept this as it is. The admin has no reason to invent huge rates that will drive in more scams and frauds, that will make even me doubt, that will sound imaginary and treacherous.


I already asked three-person about his rate and points, and all three people confirmed to me this is the real rate. Maybe it is discouraging for the ones who expected the feast in the Blogbourne, but I am feeling happy for an admin who is true. If Blogbourne can earn 100-200 dollars with our blessings and work it will be good.

I read somewhere that there should be 3-6 months before website starts earning good money from search Google.

What can I lose if the website is safe and solid? Look at myLot, they earn little to little for every member, but so many members come and go, and stay and write every day. MyLot is a still nice place to come and make money from socializing and comments.


Maybe it is not everybody’s cup of tea, for me is a too long post, but I am willing to try to make it a future. Will you?


  1. Donna Thacker

    Thank you for an honest and open post. Yes, many are disappointed in the coin value, but we must remember that BB is only two months old and needs to grow and allow Google time to be our friend. The word amount was raised party because Google prefers to search out content of at least 400 words.
    we are glad you are staying with us and look forward to more writing from you.

  2. Vinaya

    I am also eligible to payout request, however, I am not cashing out in a hope that the coin value will increase in the future.

  3. Linda Jenkinson

    Well at least they are honest and I like the fact that the earnings will grow with participation. Do you have a link to the admins.’ Transparency Report?

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    Being a new site, things will take time. Many have experience writing for sites that existed for a bit before they joined those sites. Some people made a considerable amount of money on those sites. However, those sites closed. Perhaps they shared too much? We will never know. Most of the sites closed without telling members what was happening.

  5. Sandy KS

    I figured we wasn’t going to make much when the activity slowed down. I stuck around to see if BlogBourne would pay. They paid. That si why I am sticking around and will continue to support this website. I want to post at least once a week. If not more. My goal is once a week but read and promote through out the week.

  6. Jacky Hughes

    Businesses take time to build. Personally, I don’t mind 400 words. It is better to do what will benefit the site. The low coin value may well increase over time if we aim to write our best and what peole want to read.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Lately I don’t see many articles, not new. So I comment on older and visit to share. Maybe people come back. There is no much paying pages online now.

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