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What a catchy line! Awhile ago I have come across as I am browsing on Facebook  that grabs my attention the tagline from a Blogbourne FB Page, it simply says “Simply Blog It” . Have you visited your Facebook recently and checked the page?

RandomThoughts Award

RandomThoughts Award

RandomThoughts is my 5-year personal blog site. It features diverse themes and topics from family parenting to community events, from education to government, and from news and commentaries to feature writing. This humble blog has already earned a recognized from an awarding body, the Philippine Blog Award. It has awarded as the Best Lifestyle Blog in 2011.

I have another blog which got a prestigious award from the said awarding-body. Tumandok, a local dialect blog, which features the stories, poems, good and deserving deeds of a local person in our community, was named as the Best Culture and Arts Blog in 2011. I am the only maintaining said blog as admin/owner/writer.

With such enthusiasm, I have created 6 other blogs like Verses Expressed, a blog for all my poems; T.W.I.T. as blog on family and any thought that comes to my mind; UnderDogCuts, a video blog as what my mobile phone has caught; TRUTH, a photoblog of events and happenings in and outside the country; and LOKARON (look around), a blog that features beauty spots, and tourist attraction in and outside the country too.

Busy as a Bee

Those blogs are updated by myself alone. I have a set schedule for them. However, there are times that I am very busy. I may have to do it in a weekly or monthly or case by case. I am in this blogging job for writing is my passion. I feel relieved and contented of myself if I could share something to anyone which he could benefit a lot. If not, at least I haven’t failed him.

Beside from my 8 blogs, I have also a Facebook Page for educators and teachers with more than 12,000 members. I stay online every night to handle this DepEd ICT Coordinators group. There are a lot of things to be discussed, resolved as far as learners data is concerned and other related learner Information System issues. This group is already 2 years in serving its members. I have created it on March 31, 2014.

This commitment won’t stop though I would be retiring on October 13, 2016, at the age of 65. I am still very willing to do these things.

BlogBourne’s Future

Anyway, that is my simple life of doings things by writing events, and happenings as far as information sharing is concerned. As to my online writing jobs. I would enumerate them as follows myLot, The Forum Wheel, ForumCoin, BlogJob (definitely suspended), LiteracyBase, and the current, BlogBourne.

AS what the owner/admin wrote in his update, BlogBourne is “rocking the statistics”. It is because it is new. Nope! It is not. What attracts everyone of us here is the reward system. In one day alone, you can earn 250 coins by submitting 5 posts which receive 50 points each. If you do it for one month, you will be earning 7,500 coins. When converted to money value which according to him, it is equivalent to 4 decimals. Therefore, you would be earning 0.75 cents a month.

Now you know the proper scenario on how you would be earning in BlogBourne? In LiteracyBase, in one month if you are consistent in writing, you could earn $10 or more dollars a month. In myLot, you could earn $1 a month. Now, what is your position?

This is only my own personal opinion. I have no idea of what does 4 decimals mean by the admin in relation to our coins earned from its blog.

Anyway, we are hoping that BlogBourne would last and would pay its diligent, legit members for their efforts. Good luck, BlogBourne!

image credits: BlogBourne Pix from its Facebook Page


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That sounds uplifting my friend. Nobody has regarded me as such. Thank you for that! 🙂

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      It is the product of diligence, hard work, and sacrifice. My readers and followers do deserve also such honor.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Sorry, I miss the arrow. I click report comment. I hope the admin would understand it. It is not my intention to report the comment for nothing amiss with your comment.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I know you can do it. It’ just a matter of time management. Good luck to your blog creation.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      You can rely on us. There are lot experts around here. And they are also very helpful.

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