BlogBourne: The New Legacy and Ultimate Blogging Site

A new concept of blogging revenue has emerged. This is not a typical earnings that we’ve encountered via Likes, Views and Comments that we recently enjoyed for many years.

BlogBourne is a typical blogging site, members can view, likes, comments the blog and vice versa with other members. It has all the basic features other blogging sites has, this time, only the payout is different because this has nothing to do with the traditional payment. It will be a monthly income divided by the total coins we accumulated. Thus, this setup is really new to everyone.

The main issue is where do the owner get his payments to his members? This question has been the backbone of every blogger who wants to write and earn. This site, of course, is dependent on advertising networks, etc… Everybody does if you have a business like this one. If you are into blogging business, you need every tool to be a successful one. 

After many failures of blogging sites that emerged, during this time the site isn’t helping members of getting paid, we cannot help to but think, are they really into business or something? Have they not considered many things (like the actual testing: posting, liking, comments, sharing/linking the blog from their website for at least a week or even a month) before even getting live that bugs may arise during and after the launching of the site.

I just don’t have to put so much word on this because it’s too early to predict what may occur. But so far, according to CEO/manager the site is running fine and we don’t have to worry about “glitches” because it will attend to once a report has been made.

Enjoy the pleasure of writing and meeting new friends on BlogBourne!


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  1. Isabel

    Bborn ^_- should have some thumbnail to make it nicer. Like A is for Amazon, D is for Disqus, E is for eBay, F is is Facebook, G is for Google, P is for Pinterest, bird is for Twitter, U for Unilever, etc. Just be creative 😉

  2. Dawnwriter

    Looks like start of a new online adventure. The biggest challenge that any new site will have to face nowadays is to win trust of its members. Too many scam sites and those that stopped paying abruptly have eroded our trust.

    1. John Post author

      Don’t worry the owner of this site would like to be fair to us, that’s why he included the PublicLOG for us to check every activities we’ve had. The owner of this site would like at least to last…

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    one thing is for sure, the owner seems to be very upfront about everything. I have joined many of these types of sites before, and I have seen many of them down in flames. I am hoping that this site will do better. i DO BELIEVE IT’S OFF TO A GOOD START.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I agree that this site is off to an excellent start. I have a good feeling about it, just from navigating to a few pages and reading/commenting a bit. It’s obvious that @opledulnuan put a lot of effort into getting things ready for us, and that he thought about all the possible pitfalls the site could run into. I am very encouraged!

  5. Grecy Garcia

    Thanks for sharing and enlightening the members who this blog will works differently. I am looking forward for a month and see what happens. Hoping it is great, of course I am always hoping for the best.

  6. Gil Camporazo

    I am afraid this prediction is too far for realization. It seems this is an uphill for this site to become the “ultimate blogging site.” Anyway, all of us are very hopeful that this site would fulfill its mission to those who are diligent and legit members.

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