Blogbourne’s Arrow is the Reply to Comment Button

For many who are wondering, and for those who couldn’t figure it out, replying to a comment here in BlogBourne is nowhere to be found or read as word because it’s an arrow, a small gray one at that, positioned between the time/date stamp and Report comment.


Why is it an arrow?

I suppose for many Windows users, especially those who were used to Outlook as email manager, or those using Yahoo mail, will be familiar with the arrow pointing to the left corresponding to the reply icon.

Wikipedia has an elaborate definition of arrows as symbol, and why it was an arrow but my own simple definition is that leftward arrow is pointing to the source while rightward arrow is pointing to the forward. It could be bias to right handed people like me, but that’s the best I can come up with without going deeper into Google.

If you have other imaginative ideas why is the left arrow the reply button, do share at the comments section below.

Oops! Be careful when pointing your mouse to it before clicking, and make sure it’s really pointed to the arrow because it is so near the Report comment which is a lot bigger and easier to click 🙂

Have fun replying to the comments!




  1. puroypoi

    Yahoo email use the same format, but for whatever reason why they also use the left arrow, that I don’t know. 🙂 I think left arrow has the standard meaning of replying back . 🙂

    1. Isabel Post author

      Left arrow for reply I think was just ingrained to us, like (re)turning back to the source. But who knows, it might be something else in the other parts of the world 😉

      It would be interesting to know.

  2. Vinaya

    On day one, I could not figure it out. Now I use this when ever I have to reply to comment.

    1. Isabel Post author

      Yeah, same here with me. I was hovering the mouse here and there to look for Reply. Then it dawned me that that’s what the arrow is for.

  3. grace

    I fumbled and then since I have a curious nature I clicked on it and pronto I understood what that arrow is for 🙂

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