BlogBourne’s Transparency Report #1 – The Good and Bad News + Tips

In this article I will try to keep you informed, raise awareness and be transparent on what’s going on behind the scene and the neccessary information I believe you have to know. We will keep this as a tradition on Blogbourne to release a transparency report every first day of the month. Why every first day of the month? This is because we have to wait for our earnings to be finalized so we could report the actual revenues. There may be differences on time zone but we have to follow the USA Pacific Standard Time and as soon as the earnings were finalized.

BlogBourne Monetization
We are currently monetizing the site in 2 ad networks. Recently, we were monetized in 3 ad networks but I removed the other one on September 23 due to these reasons:
(1.) I can’t implement their high converting ad style/formats because they are a bit annoying and it may drive visitors away and hold them back from revisiting the site. In fact, some members notified us about it when we tested some of those intrusive ad formats. One way to keep/retain visitors and build up an empire of loyal visitors is to use unintrusive ads (beside of delivering them good information through content/articles).
(2.) When I reduced the ads served by that particular ad network, I’ve seen a drastic decrease on our revenues from them up to the point of zero to a penny per day.
(3.) After removing their ad script/code, I’ve seen a huge improvement on page related optimizations (including page speed and page size).
These make me conclude to go for an overall lighter pages and faster speed rather than pennies. This will help on increasing the impression of ads served by other ad networks anyway.

There are much better ways to maximize our revenues as we grow and gain more reputation over time.

Some inconsistencies by us
In some point you might find inconsistencies on our policies and the way we run the site. Firstly, despite the lessons we’ve learned from previous revenue sharing blog sites, still learning is a continous process. Secondly, if we make early changes, it’s simply because we want to fix,combat and deter something before it goes uncontrollable. Lastly, whatever changes we make it is for the common good and with a noble reason. Rest assured that we want to build a sustainable blogging site for writers/bloggers who want to earn and enjoy the benefits of multi-author blogging without the technicalities and hassle of maintaining a blog site.

Our Stats and Ranking
As of thing posting we have:
1161 in total of published articles
587 activated members (users who confirmed their email addresses)
173 forum topics published
10285 comments published

We have a slowdown of activities (including views) on the month of September compared to July and August. Despite the slowdown, we are slowly rising on our global Alexa rank. In a slowdown, there is not much to worry about, despite lesser revenues, there are lesser coins generated too.

Revenue Report, Market Opening and Coin Value
I won’t be specific on our earnings from a particular ad network because it is against the terms of service (specially Adsense) to disclose the earnings publicly.

Earnings for the month of July (on our beta phase):  Total of $65.93 combine earning from 2 ad networks
Earnings for the month of August:  Total of $88.68 from 3 ad networks
Earnings for the month of September: Total of $27.86 from 3 ad networks
Total Coins in Circulation: 267502 (As of this posting)

Coin Value: $0.0006821257

I know it’s a little bit upsetting that we have a very low coin value (despite our joint efforts), that’s why I decided to share the revenue in full (100%) to the community as a simple way of promotion. This is only for our revenues from July to September.

At this very same day we have opened the market. Users who accumulated enough coins may now request payments.

Also, I have reduced the minimum cashout to $3 so more writers could hit the minimum and receive payments for their hardworks. We will raise it back to $5 once our coin value arises to atleast $0.001.

I would like also to inform members that it is a common rule of ad networks to release payments after a month prior to the month when the revenue was earned. Adsense usually send payments on 21st to 23rd of the incoming month (ex. whatever earned on the month of September will be sent on the 21st to 23rd of October).

A Good Time to Write and Promote Articles
We are on the last quarter of the year. Advertisers tend to spend whatever left on their advertising budget for the year. This means a high possibility of bigger revenues for publishers. Yes, I’ve seen a significant increase on advertising rates for the site despite our low page views.
This is a good opportunity for all bloggers to write more and promote their blog posts (whether you are a writer of BlogBourne or not).

This is another reason why we can’t give a fixed value for our coins, beside website, and content related factors, there are quarters of the year where revenues are very high and sometimes very low. – a new website to earn more knowledge and $$
In our quest to build online earning sites, we are proud to announce the launch of It is a question and answer site where members can earn by asking questions, giving answers, receiving upvotes, having their answers chosen as best answer and daily visit.
Its revenue sharing model is almost same as BlogBourne, the only difference is the process of requesting payments.

Special Thanks
I would like to say Thank you! to all members who believe in our vision, who contribute in our growth, and to those who help lessen our tasks.
I would like to give my special thanks to all our editors and some selfless members who offers their help and do extra miles by helping/assisting other writers improve their articles.

Have I missed something? Please leave your comments, suggestions, or clarifications on the comment section below.


  1. Donna Thacker

    Thank you for a very informative Transparency Report. It is clear that you have the best intentions for the site and it’s members. I have no doubt that coin value will increase as more and more quality writing finds a home here at Blog Bourne.

  2. Ople Dulnuan Post author

    I think I forgot to tell everyone that there are in fact ways to increase the value of coins, both clean and dirty ways. The clean ways are pretty obvious, these includes improving off-page (website related stuff) and on-page (content related) factors which we are working hard for. In the other hand, playing with the digits and conspiring against members . I will try to write articles about these on the future to help increase our knowledge and raise awareness.

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      @nibiru I know our security is not enough, but I have secured some of the most used ways to generate artificial/fake traffic,

  3. Tania K Cowling

    I’m a little confused as to how many coins are necessary to cash out? Math is not my best subject. Could you give us an idea on the amount of coins are necessary to cash out at $3 or $5? Thanks!

    1. Gina145

      By my calculations, $3 is approximately 4400 coins.

  4. Donna Thacker

    I believe Mike is going to write more about cashing out and add coin value to the “Shop” page but yes, Gina145 is correct. If you click “Add to Cart” on any of the cards, it will then tell you the coin amount necessary. You can then remove your card if you do not have enough coins.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    I have already made my first payment request and I have received it several hours in my PayPal account. I have posted the proof of payment in the Forum especially in the Proofs of Payment.

  6. Grecy Garcia

    Thank you for being honest and I love this transparency report, I appreciate this. To be honest, I feel sad about the value of the coin, but I really appreciate the transparency. I failed to be included to the people that will able to cashout, i am sad for that too. Please update us about, thank you.

  7. Vickie Ewell

    Wow. Thank you so much! This was great. I appreciate the detail. Sounds like we’re off to a good start. I’m glad about dropping the intrusive ads, as they will affect ranking on mobile come January anyway.

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      Thank you Vicky. More than those intrusive ads, I also reduced the filter on related content ads to PG13 causing a fewer ads on related contents. This is to stick while possible to our family safe standard.

  8. Vinaya

    In a hope that the value of coin will increase next month, I am not cashing out. Based on the rates above, I have earned $4.77.

  9. Jacky Hughes

    It is good to have the transparency. I think the slow start money wise is a good thing. I guess a lot of the site success will be up to us . I do plan to add more articles soon.

  10. Linda Jenkinson

    I appreciate your transparency but must ask- So from this day forward should we attempt to reach the $3.00 threshold? And will that remain the same for awhile and we will get paid that amount till otherwise notified. ?

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      The threshold will remain $3, until the coin value increase at least 0.001. We will inform you when we increase back the threshold to $5. When we send payments that would be less the PayPal transaction fee/tax, though I’ve sent the payment in full to those who requested payments earlier.

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