Blogging Is NOT Just About Making Money Online



This is a short blog to awaken the heart of my readers. I am about to write something about myself, but I decided to drift the contents of this blog about the essence of blogging because as a blogger, I feel sad knowing that others write blogs only just to earn and through their works without their hearts, I feel nothing. So come and share your opinion with me, just leave your comments folks!

Honestly speaking, many of us are writing blogs because we want to earn. Well, I am one of those people, but somehow, I came to realize that why we should just settle on that thought when we can go beyond that reason and create a meaningful article not just for the benefits of us, as a writer, but to the readers as well?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I know right? I already earned a lot from writing articles online. BUT, aside from the money that I have earned through my writings, it makes me strongly build up my confidence and be known when my readers are interacting by means of commenting on my blogs. It feels good; It feels like I fulfill a necessity of giving some information or somehow share my experiences about a certain topic. Then I tend to realize that it is not really about making money online, but blogging is a life driven by the mere inspiration to live. We write to give information, to share experiences, to be an inspiration and to make others know how we feel. So don’t write just to earn, make sure that your readers will gain something from your works. Catching the heart of the readers through your blogs is one of the best achievements you can gain as a blogger and when blogging seems to become a real work, touching life will be your biggest salary. Know your impact as a blogger!

Have a nice day!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Gil Camporazo

    You are right in your own of way. But others are also right if they do blog for money. Here I join for a penny and how I do it, of course, as what you have mentioned by sharing information.

    1. Shaiera Post author

      Im trying to say is that.. there are instances that a certain blogger just published a blog with nothing on it… there are some on other blogging sites… scrambled words, no directions of topic.. in other words.. just to publish and get the reward.. ^__^

  2. Shaiera Post author

    @kyuminette thanks for reading my blog… ^__^ I am happy too to know and joined this site .. another blogging site to enhance our writing skills and to share our thoughts ^___^

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    If blogging was about the money I would have stopped a long time ago. I like to share, my knowledge and wisdom with people. I have made a lot of friends over the years and I love knowing what is going on with them.

  4. Shaiera Post author

    same here @brendamarie ^___^ I always write no matter if i will submit that or not… my mentor told me that never stop writing… write at least a short paragraph …. by the way I am one of the journalists in our school…

  5. Shaiera Post author

    @catmom yes ma’am! ^_____^ actually that is the best way to relieve stress for me… instead of telling others how i feel… I just write it down instead…

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