Blogging Tips: Wrting an Engaging Blog Post

Creating an effective blog post involves several simple techniques and the following tips will help you to create a post that can impress the audience and make stay in your blog for a few more minutes.

Writing Blog Post Title

The title of your blog must be bold in its message and very sticky, what I mean by this is simply make it exciting and controversial at the same time. We also want your blog post to be well optimised with keywords within the title which will in turn alert the search engines to crawl your post based on relevancy. Again I am going to emphasis this point once more so it stick in your skull! Your title must be very catchy not the slogan type but more on point of what the content is about and at the same time raise eye brows with interest.

Here are some of good samples of well-engaged blog titles:

* Will Google Become the World’s Largest Affiliate?

* Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of ‘Avatar’

First paragraph: The opening paragraph of your blog post should be given special attention. This should impress the readers and make them remain in your blog post and read the rest of your content. So, take sufficient time and effort to design your opening paragraph of your blog post.

Headline: The headings should exactly match the content. Even on reading the headline, the reader should think that the blog post is going to be worthy and informative. Otherwise, a prospect reader may ignore your blog post and go in search of some other Interesting reads.

Now let dive in more deeper.

How to make the blog posting more interesting to reach the audience.

1] Question Opening – The blog posts with question opening will have great response as the audience will look for answers for many questions. The question should be useful to the audience and as well as interesting one. It should also give them the opinion that some useful information is waiting for them in the following lines.

2] Sharing the information in a story format – The blog posts that is created with useful contents has always positive response. The post can be made more interesting by inserting a realistic story that is funny or sad. Quote the real incidents related to your posting. The news that you quote may be on interesting personalities like movie stars or any other popular personality.

3] Ask for help or guidance from the reader – Raise queries to the audience and ask them for help in the opening paragraph. Suppose if you are writing a posting on a skin problem, then you can start your blog post with queries like “can anyone suggest me the best homely treatment for skin disease”, “I have this problem and need the advice of the experts” or “I am looking for solution to so and so skin problem” etc.

4] Comparing things – Make your blog more interesting and unique by comparing two different things. When you compare two things you can highlight the good and other side of the things. This makes your posting organic.

5] Start with interesting statistics – Suppose if you are writing a blog post on skin care, then you can give an interesting statistics like this “More people were affected by this skin disorder in US than any other country” then continue writing with real solutions for this disorder. The interesting statistics may be any shocking news or the current event.

The important aspect of a blog post is giving authentic information. Most of the potential readers visit blogs as they get real solutions and truthful information. So, never give false content to the audience.

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  1. Gina M. Menorca

    My perception in this article is that a writer should really try to attract a reader for curiosity at first glance . Then keywords should urge a reader to read on.

    1. Allyna McGrady Post author

      Thank you for stopping by @gina.
      That’s true, the title and open graph image plays a big role on this. After catching readers attention, a writer must support it in the post content.

  2. Donna Thacker

    Great tips for writing an interesting blog post. I agree that it is very important that the title match the contents. Don’t try to reel readers in with a trick title, only for them to find out the post is about something else. That will make you lose readers interest quickly and they will not return to read anything else.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty

      Maybe picture plays greater role, today we have better screens and bigger phones so it is easy to spot nicer image?

  3. Vickie Ewell

    These are excellent ideas for starting a blog post. When the title doesn’t match the content, I generally never go back to that blog again. It’s pretty irritating.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I have writing for my blog for almost 5 years and I never did use the keywords. I just made my writings to cope with the quality which I believe I have achieved by a writing a simple, coherent article on the subject which I have the best access. And I would like to tell you that I have followed most of your suggestions here. For a barely a year, my two blogs got an award as the best lifestyle and as the best art and culture blog respectively.

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