Blood Sugar Under Control

One year ago, my husband was in ICU. He had been admitted because he was a “raging diabetic.” His blood sugar was out of control. The doctors and nurses were amazed he wasn’t in a coma. Yep, that is how high his blood sugar was!

This wasn’t the first time his high blood sugar had sent him to the hospital or even ICU. I can’t count the times I had taken him to the hospital. It felt like a weekly thing with him. Something had to be done or I was going to lose him.

His motto was “I can always take more insulin.” He had no interest in changing his diet. He wanted to eat his potatoes and his breads. He wanted to drink soda all the time. He was not going to give up his quart of ice cream at bedtime.

As soon as he was out of the hospital, I started giving him “Fat Fighters.” There was no arguing. No fussing. There wasn’t even a discussion. He was going to take two every day whether he liked it or not.

“Fat Fighters” aren’t your regular fat burners. They keep you from digesting both fats and carbs. I wasn’t very worried about his fats. It was his carb intake that needed to be handled. And, it was handled.

That was the last time he was in the hospital. The Fat Fighters did their job. Instead of having blood sugar levels over 500, 700 and 900, his blood sugar has yet to be over 200. No more crazy rides to the hospital. No more outrageous medical bills. And, he’s eating better.

Once his blood sugar was under control, he started eating better. He still has potatoes and breads, but not as often. No more ice cream at bedtime! And, he is losing weight – which is important for his health.

I am so happy! He is doing so much better – all because of two little “Fat Fighters” every day. Ask me how “Fat Fighters” can help you!


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