Body Sculpting Procedures to Improve Your Body

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Like yoga, Pilates mostly works the core muscles of the body, although it also tones the whole body. The core muscles include the stomach, lower back, thighs, and butt muscles. It therefore improves one’s posture and spine. It strengths the overall body, as it creates long and lean muscles.  When you do a Pilates workout, you need to focus, concentrate, breathe, and control each movement. It has similar movements and poses to yoga, but a little different. I personally miss doing Pilates at the gym. 24Hours Fitness gyms used to have Pilates classes. But, all of the sudden, they have disappeared. At least, I have some Pilates DVDs, from the past, and I need to do it on my own, at home. I need to make the time. But I am either at the computer or drawing.

Gyrotonic exercises are more intense than Pilates because it requires equipment. This exercise has to do with “rotational movement in three-dimensional planes.” It strengthens muscles as it helps the body become more flexible. As the body strengthens, it also stretches, but with less effort than Pilates and Yoga. It also increases coordination.

Vacuumobilization is used for body contouring, cellulite smoothing, face contouring, reducing wrinkles, healing scars, and reducing muscle spasm and inflammation. The procedure involves placing suction cups on the skin in massage movements. As the cups lift the skin, it creates circulation at that location. It can also improve metabolism, oxygenation, and rejuvenates cells as well as eliminates toxic wastes from the body. More collagen will be produced, which will create toned and firmer skin and body. It also is relaxing, as it relieves certain pain that one might be currently having.

Massage Therapy is mostly used for local circulation, as it relaxes muscle tension all over the body, which improves mobility and flexibility. It also can reduce inflammation, soft tissue restriction, and muscle spasms. It can reduce scar tissues. But, mostly, it is very relaxing, which can improve posture, as it relieves muscle tension, especially at the lower back and upper shoulders areas. I have gotten a massage a couple of time in the past, but it is usually too expensive. But I have gone to a spa, with a family group, in the past. It would be fun to go again to a spa, if I can find someone I know to go with me because I don’t feel like going alone to these places.

Physical Therapy is for people who have excessive pain, and they are having difficulties with certain body parts. Such pain is usually due to some kinds of injury or accident, in which has affected a person’s body in some negative way. Many athletes might need physical therapy because there are constantly getting injured in some way.



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