Bothered by Animal Cruelty

Early this morning, I heard a splash of water just outside our door. I went to check immediately and I only saw the wet part in the ground. I went to check immediately because I remember, most of my older cats likes to lay down on the ground during the morning. I did not able to see some traces of my cats outside. I was bothered when some of my cats did not went home at lunch. I really anticipate that they are the victim of this annoying neighbor who loves to kill cats. 

There are lots of cats in the neighborhood. Maybe this crazy neighbors of mine are believing that we own every single cats they see. I still feel bad for the cats that had become their victim, even though some of them are not mine. I can feel how the cat suffer. Specifically, this is what they do. They throw hot water, sometimes boiling water to the cat just to shoo them away. They believe that when they start doing it, they able to stop those cats for roaming around because they will be killed. 

Most of the cats survived. Most of my cats survived. It has been a lot of times that my cat became their victim. I even have a cat that lost all his furs and it never came back. He was bald until he died. I have a cat that did not survived because it almost cooked her when the water touched her skin. Imagine it is boiling water, is there anyone from the cats can survived it? 

I am not wrong with my instinct, some of my cats lots their furs and their skin are peeling off. It really made me mad. Maybe most of my cats are annoying, but shooing the cat away isn’t hard. I wonder why using boiling water makes it lot easier for them. I am really furious and wants to get even with them but they will deny everything for sure and will take sides on each other because they hate us. I mostly think that they are just using our cats but the issue is that they want our attention to fight against them because they hate us and that is really a kind of immaturity. 

The hatred between us and the neighbors is not about the cat anymore, but is still never right to use the cats and be cruel to them. 


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  1. Vinaya

    I am animal lover, I hate people who torture animals. I love animals so much that I enjoy eating them. LOL

  2. Sandy KS

    Oh to bad you could not get video of these people harming the cats and get justice for them. That is cruel to pour boiling water on any animal.

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @vinaya that is the reason I hate my neighbors and they hate my family because of animals.
    @rusty2rusty I am always inside our house and lying on bed, I can only detect if there is something wrong when my dogs will start to do a commotion because they know there is something happened to our cat.
    @swalia unfortunately a lot of people hate animals, but some of them just hate it when they are becoming annoying.

  4. Kyuminette

    what is wrong with this people why do they bother animals…they are such so cruel to animals this people should be treated with cruelty also so that they will feel the same how they treated the animals.

  5. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @kyuminette if only we can wish that too, however on some cases, one of our neighbor who always throw boiling water on my cats when I was young, accidentally thrown a boiling water on herself too, so I guess we have Karma waiting for them to meet.

    @iyanpol12 There are people who doesn’t like pets but it doesn’t mean they hate them, they just don’t that is truly understandable. And for all of it, they respect animals and that is best with them.

  6. Gil Camporazo

    That is too cruel to treat cats like that. Again I could relate some bad feelings about those people who are too cruel to the animals especially the cats. We have three cats at home. During night time they go out since they’re female, of course, they need an opposite mate. One of them was hacked by an inhumane person. It’s good the cat wasn’t totally hacked to death. It survived.

  7. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @nakitakona13 people in our neighborhood don’t believe in animal cruelty, for them that is just normal, to hurt the animals. You can shoo them away but not throwing boiling water. One day I can have a proof and I will make it viral for them to pay for it.

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