Bought Another Tablet For Me

So amoungst all the rest of the chaos that was happening this past day or so, I ended up getting into a small problem with my tablet of almost two years. The thing has given me some problems before and it worked itself out. I should have known but I guess I thought this time was really not gonna work out anymore.

I opened an app to get rid of other apps that were running in the background, when I didn’t even open them to start with, so my battery would be somewhat saved and wouldn’t have to keep charging it. Well, the problem was with the app that did that, the green screen of death. After awhile it just wouldn’t budge no matter how many times I tried to unsuccessfully reboot. I tried to charge it again for a little while, nothing happened.

Then I tried to just leave it alone for awhile the way it was, and nothing happened. Then I was watching a youtube video on how to unfreeze an app, but it didn’t seem to work as far as the instructions. I just did the steps three times and maybe the last time worked because it sounded different that time like it was about to open without a problem. Lo and behold it worked fine then.

I had already ordered a new tablet though but had time to cancel the order. I decided to not do it, and just have a back up tablet anyways. I paid for it using some of my Amazon GC money in my account. I chalk it up to being my birthday present to myself this time. I probably won’t get it til after my birthday next week but it is what it is.


I am happy wither way because I had been thinking about getting another one anyways even before this mishap. I am hoping the tablet will work fine. It’s the exact same one I have already. That way I know a few of my most important apps (kind of) will work with it like the one where I can watch TV with. The bigger TV here is usually taken by others so you have to know the circumstances behind me calling it “important”.

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