Brewing Your Own Healing Teas

One of the easiest ways to get the many health benefits and healing properties from medicinal herbs is to drink them as an herbal tea.  You do not have to have any rocket science training to brew a cup of herbal tea.  You can just go to the store and purchase pre-made herbal teabags.  With this simple method, all you need a cup of hot water.   Place a tea bag in the water and allow it to brew for 3-5 minutes. There are times, however, where you cannot find a specific herb that is in a teabag or you want to try a different variety of herbs.  You can use loose  herbs to brew your tea.  You will need to purchase a tea ball or strainer.  It is best to use a plastic strainer compared to a metal one.  That is because the metal ones can react with certain herbs.

Brewing Your Own Healing Teas

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Then you are going to need herbs.  You local grocery and health food stores carry a wide variety of herbs.  You can order them online through sites such as EBay and Amazon.  You can even grow them in your own backyard.  While purchasing pre-made herbal teabags is an excellent convenience, you can become creative when using loose herbs, making a wide variety of combinations.

If you are using loose herbs, it will take longer to brew than using teabags.  While using teabags it takes 3-5 minutes to brew, when you use loose herbs you need to allow them to brew for at least fifteen minutes.  The reason why you have to allow it to brew longer is because you want to infuse the herb so the healing tea reaches its full potency.  The longer you brew the tea, the stronger it will be.

Then the question you need to know is how often you should drink herbal tea.  First of all, one cup of herbal tea once in a blue moon most likely will not be enough to take care of your health ailments and conditions.  Therefore, your tea drinking must be continual.  Whether you drink a cup of tea in the morning or right before you go to bed each day, you will provide an excellent health benefit to your body.  However, be cautious about the types of herbs you are using when you are brewing your own teas.  Some herbs need to be taken in moderation and some also may interact with medications and supplements that you may be already taking.


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