Bringing Back Memories through Emails

I haven’t been online since Sunday. I got bombarded with relatives who came from Dubai and the city. I was not prepared but they understood. They said their main reason was to see my mom who happened to be 1 of the few aunts left. In a family of 9 most of the brothers 5 out of 6 died and only the 3 sisters are left. I felt so tired when they left so I was not in the mood to write.

Yesterday I was reading problems with the site and I was having a hard time negotiating around the site, so again I was  not in the mood.

This morning I went through one of my email address. I made folders to transfer the emails so i won’t have any problems finding them. In the G mail there are 3 categories Primary, Social and Promotions. Whew! Clearing out junk mail and sorting the others to their proper folders can really be a headache. But in the end, you feel so accomplished.

Going thru the emails, I saw so many payments I have received from blogging sites, Paid to click sites and other online earnings. How I miss seeing those emails that say “you got cash” or “so-and-so sent you $$”. For 4 years, since 2012 I have been doing a lot of online work to earn a little extra. Some were small, less than a dollar and some were big even reaching up to $100. But they were frequent. Now I barely get an email like that. Hope it will soon change.

I even saw some old emails from friends and relatives. Also applications for work and online sites. That is why it took a long time for me to finish because I would open them and read them. Sometimes I would laugh, smile a little and some even made me sad. I have only done my G mail account. This is my most recent and I plan to make it where I will receive important mail. My old Yahoo is still there, I had cleaned that up before but I think I need to do it again. Maybe tomorrow. It will probably take me longer because I have more emails there. Might need to add some additional folders.

It is not only through pictures or videos that we can reminisce the past. Emails can bring back memories too.


  1. Ann Bailey

    I use emails to remind me of things – like to pay bills or when it’s someone’s birthday. I write a garden blog and I like to see other people’s blogs to see how they are writing theirs.

  2. Ann Bailey

    Well, I realize my last sentence above doesn’t make sense! What I needed to add is that I sign up for emails from all these other garden blogs so I can read them! LOL

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