Bullying at Your Workplace – Mobbing

Whoever experienced bullying at workplace or mobbing knows it is not easy to suffer from it and it is not easy to deliver outstanding work while surrounded by ignorant people who only desire to inflict one’s stability of mind and self-confidence. Individuals who are victimized by their aggressive co-workers, demanding bosses and evil family members usually, but not always, suffer from depression, patterns of aggressiveness and live under constant unbearable stress.

One should know that mobbing is not a proper way how things are because I know from personal experience that some uninformed individuals think that suffering over a boss who might not be in his clear mind – is a normal way of working or how things shall be always.

This is not normal, but many people are placed in a situation to endure bad treatment, not only for months, but for years. The best and maybe the simplest explanation of the term is written in Wikipedia. Mobbing means when only one person is bullied by a specific group. It can be family, like I said, but also school community, university groups or brotherhoods, even neighbors can turn against the individual for no particular reason. Online mobbing is the newest form of this despicable behavior.

It looks like a whole group is creating an unbearable environment for one individual, or maybe a group of individuals who are undesirable in that community. This is not only a quality of humans hostile groups, but also animal groups, like packs or hordes. In terms, the mobbing is closer to the behavior of animals, than human cultivated society. But unlike the sinister ways of managing the unwanted units in the packs or hordes, the human-hostile communities manage the unwanted units in more complex and usually by lawfully accepted means.

The laws related to mobbing and insults, like slander and lies, are created but rarely used to advocate this problem. In later years communities respond and recognize this sinister behavior and put it under the rightful protection of the law. The way mobbing works is usually by rumor, intimidation, humiliation, discredit and isolation of unwanted members. This is general harassment and has to be addressed and put under rightful inspection.

Mobbing usually has nothing to do with racial or sexual harassment, sexism or any kind of rooted religious behaviors, but it can lead to mobbing. If you ever experience mobbing in your workplace you should not endure it and should always report it to the proper authority, or your boss.


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  1. Gil Camporazo

    This is the first that I have heard about bullying in a workplace is called mobbing. I am indeed confused for mobbing connotes a big group. And it sounds out of place when all the people with whom the worker is associated with bully him. That is impossible.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Yes it is called mobbing, look Wikipedia explanation, everything clearly written there.
      It says group toward individual, not say all people, just group. I hope that clarify confusion.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    How terrible it must be for those who have to put up with such things at work. Life can be complicated enough without those at work causing problems.

  3. Steven Kalavity

    I have been a target of mobbing. Mobbing is sometimes interchangeable with bullying in Scandinavian countries is my understanding. However, my understanding is that mobbing generally includes direct management or organization support. In this way it can be very devastating to targets. I reported bad behavior to human resources. Human resources is often the logical assumed place to bring such things up. I had never really heard of workplace bullying. (After is impacts one’s life it is always remembered. ) The grievance process is dysfunctional for workplace bullying/mobbing because HR is an arm of management. Management sets the tone and culture of the enterprise. A better route for defense in health and safety, as recently in the UK stress was a top ranked work hazard. Being a target is very stressful. Management and HR will cooperate in their efforts to either terminate or make the environment so hostile that the target leaves. But, bullies/mobbers with psychopathic inclinations do not want targets to leave but rather want to ruin the targets career and livelihood. I would state there is likely illegal things going in the collusion behind the targets back. The success against fighting back is low because of lopsided authority and resources.

  4. Jo Pin

    Bullying is bullying. No matter how we call it, someone somehow will get hurt and affected even with a mere innocence talk.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I think it results in many enemies. Unless reason is fair, I think person should constrain of gossip.

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