Burned Right Out, What Do I Do Now!

Every day brings a new challenge and time limit and a new set of `chores`that should be completed.  For most of us that would mean:

  • getting up
  • getting ready
  • going to work
  • spending 8 hours at our desk
  • closing up our work life for the day
  • going home
  • household chores, make dinner, eat, dishes and relax
  • Free time!


Can we say Hurrah for Free Time!

Then there is the whole what will I do with my free time today?

One of the options I have been searching out, is that elusive way to make a residual income, so that one of these days, I can quit my regular 8-4 or 9-5 day, and do what I want to do.

Researching ways to make a living online has consumed the better part of my days lately.


Today I am feeling completely BURNED OUT!

taking care of the elderly

She doesn’t feel old, but she is old, What can you do?

I have signed up for webinars that I could not take, I have earmarked or flagged several messages in my inbox that have articles on affiliate marketing and how to become known.  I have also not gotten to them either.  I managed to post one article today, because I actually did it yesterday.

Today, I was again taking care of my mother, who for the last week has been in hospital.   At 85 they don’t take chances, so they have done a myriad of tests hoping to find the cause of her pain and fever.  Guess What?  They have found nothing.  So they sent her home and now I am running.

So Burned Out is how I feel today.  I think I will go to bed and face tomorrow with a fresh rested pair of eyes and brain.  After all I am part of the Squeeze Generation, we can do anything.


  1. Rex Trulove

    That is one reason I love to garden, just to be able to relax. I also spend free time at church, helping people in the community. It gives me a good feeling, it is a good cause and it follows biblical principles, plus I’ve found that the more I help others, the more I end up being helped, often in ways I totally don’t expect. At any rate, I can avoid the burned out feeling from the garden and/or church work, because of the elated feeling of accomplishment I get.

  2. Olivia Morris Post author

    I hear you Rex. When I’m frustrated, it’s the best time ever to go and pull out weeds. It’s doubly satisfying when I’m in that kind of mood. On the other note, It is always better to give than to receive. When you give freely from the heart, the Good Lord knows what you need to fill you back up and He is generous to those who believe in Him.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    It seems many of us expect too much from ourselves during the little bit of time we have each day. We would probably like to get 40 hours or ‘stuff’ done in 8 hours. Not gonna’ happen-but we will try!

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