Busy Busy Week Friday July 5th

It has been a busy week here and I have not written very much. I have popped in to read and comment a little at least. As I wrote earlier, the first part of the week was processing our green beans. Then Tuesday morning I picked the white half runner green beans to sell at the auction. I got nine dollars for those. Then the rest of this week I have been working on my plastic canvas tissue boxes that I hope to sell tomorrow morning. I also gathered up some foal halters and hay bags that are laying around and we never use. It will be nice if I can move all of them also.

I need to get in the garden again this weekend also. I should have bell peppers ready to pick and freeze, and I am sure I have some over sized cucumbers out there since I have not picked them the last few days. The chickens will enjoy eating those over the next few days. I also need to check the tomatoes as they are finally starting to ripen. Thinking about just canning the juice from those this year. Then it will be back to picking and canning more green beans.I also have two pumpkins that are starting to turn orange already. That is way too early for me as I only use them for decorating at Halloween. So in the next week or two I will probably pick those and take them to the auction also. They are decent sized so I hope someone will want to get a head start on their holiday decorating and buy them at a good price.

At least I can slow down on my sewing for the time being. But if the tissue covers sell good I will start making more as I feel like it and maybe by the time the auction does another flea market I can have a lot of them ready. I normally just make them to give as gifts. I thought about taking a notebook with to take orders but that would take the fun out of making them. I might talk to the auction owner about setting up at the beginning of December. If she does not charge too much I would be willing to do that.

Hope everybody has a great weekend and I will try to get here more often now. The weather in our area is supposed to be a little cooler for the next couple of days at least.


    1. Eva James Post author

      I miss reading your post too. George and Bunny say you need to get here more also.

  1. Andria Perry

    I want to set up at this place in town too but she is to high. I stopped into the Oxford, Alabama farmers market day and They are selling jam and jelly $4 TO $8 per half pint! I was thinking I want to sell some of mine for those prices. I wished I had green beans to can up, I may take off the 24/7 farmers market in Birmingham. Its about an hour drive.

    1. Eva James Post author

      You should still have time to grow green beans where you are if you want too. The Amish here get those kinds of prices for their jellies here also. Thats the problem with many flea market areas. The space rent is always too high compared to what you can sometimes make

  2. Sharon Epperson

    Hope that you get to relax some this weekend. We can’t do much outside right now, it rained Thursday night and about all night last night. Really muddy here.

    1. Eva James Post author

      We could use that kind of rain right now. Everything is very dry. So far my weekend has been great

  3. Marsha Cooper

    Sewing is about all I want to be doing yet here I still sit at the computer most of the 24 hours in a day.
    I don’t plan to write here much, but I am coming in each day to check comments, requests, and check out a few posts.

    1. Eva James Post author

      That still earns you some points. I spent the last 3 weeks making those boxes so I am done for a little bit lol

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