Busy end to Summer Break

Today, I think, that we will get to relax for the most part!

Tomorrow,  the fun starts: have to take my youngest son to get a physical for camp.   Wednesday,  one of my son’s has group and then both of the younger ones have case management.  Thursday, we get to spend three hours at Compass for therapy. After that we may go on over to the lake for awhile.  Saturday, I am hoping to stay home and have a  relaxing day watching movies!  Sunday, youngest son leaves for camp in the mountains of Colorado. They will be gone until Friday.  I was going to go as a counselor,  but the money is an issue at this point.  You have to get a physical,  at this point there is no money for it either.

Enrollment time is coming for school on the first and second of August, so I have to go and do that.  Then the second week of August there is Bible School,  one of the boys will be attending while one of the others will be helping with it.  School starts the next Wednesday.

I am looking forward to being able to get some “me” time when they go back to school. You can’t really get much of that when the kids are home for the summer!!

Hope all of you have a great and blessed week.


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