Bye, Tulús, we Love You, we Miss You

I would like to say goodbye to my loved cat. He died few months ago, and I feel this -writing about him- will help me… keep on taking him in my heart. Not with pain, but with joy, remembering the good moments.

I must first say I really loved that cat. Those who have never had a pet, a cat, a dog, etc., will think this feeling is somehow weird, silly… Whatever. But all those from you who have or had a cat, well, you know what I’m talking about.

His name was “Tulús”. He was strong, fast; he represented the real image of a feline. 

But he was old, some 15 years old. And it happened. He felt ill, he didn’t want to move. He had a problem with his kidneys. We took him to his veterinarian, and we finally had to tell him good-bye.

It was sad. We cried. And after several days I didn’t realize I wasn’t crying just because of our cat’s death, but also because I saw how my son suffered so much! It broked my heart.

My son told us he didn’t want to have a “new” cat at home. At first, I thought that would be a good idea. But it was in fact a mistake.

And now, several months later, I’m still feeling so sad… but that’s life. He was old and that’s life. And, about my son (and I’ll repeat it again…), that’s life. It was hard for him, but these hard experiences are the ones we need to learn how everything works, how life works.

Bye, Tulús, we loved you. And we still do.


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Written by Angeles Fernández R. ©2016 all rights reserved


  1. grace

    All pet lovers go through this and I am one of othem. We have had several that we have wished goodbye. When we thought no more in walks a puppy on her own. She is now 9 years old.

  2. Angeles Fernandez Post author

    @bestwriter, I think it will happen sooner or later… My son was talking about it the other day. And today, I heard on the radio our local animal shelter are receiving a lot of pets abandoned by people who just go on vacation, sad but true. I’d run there and and adopt a cat right now!!

  3. Angeles Fernandez Post author

    Thank you so much, @barbrad! Sure, I think it’s just a question of time. And I still have 2 dogs! Hey, I have to tell you all about them one day! And yes, I have a son, he’s the best! 🙂

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    Writing about these situations does help many people. This is always a sad time and our furry friends will always have a little piece of our hearts.

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