Can an online friend turn your neighbour?

It looks strange. Can a virtual friend on a forum platform or writing site turn to be a real-life friend, acquaintant or relative, or at least someone who lives in your town? As we are living in a globally connected world, there are more possibilities and more chances to meet him in real life. It becomes very interesting if you are not living in a city or big town, and in a village or remote town where less people really work online or spend time before computer. I also had one similar experience.


It happened around four years ago, a few months after I shifted to the outskirts of Thrissur town, Kerala. It was around that time I started writing online, and I was quite active in an Indian forum at that time. I was sure the particular person I am referring to, belongs to my own state Kerala, nicknamed as ‘God’s own country’, as he used to post pictures related to Kerala festivals, nature and beauty. So I had a chat with him, which surprised me a lot. We both live in the same village within 1 km radius, in the outskirts of Thrissur which is quite unusual to happen.


I became quite happy to get a ‘neighbour’. We have never met, or had talked over phone, and still we remain virtual friends even after years, though we reside in the same place. Quite strange! But he has helped me a lot to start blogging. He even designed two blogs for me. There is one thing for sure. ‘Live presence’ of friends is not needed to keep relations live. Even through virtual world, we can stay connected and who knows, which online friend come forward with a helping hand when we are really in need!


  1. Suny

    I agree, your online friends are as important as real offline friends and if they live in the same area that is even better!

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