Can You Boost Your Memory?

Stress is definitely a challenge to our brain because when it happens continuously, it breaks down brain cells damaging the area of our brain that allows formation of fresh memories and recovery of old memories. Depression can be an enemy for the brain since it slows down our brain, sinking its ability to make choices or remember to focus. Meditation is one of the proven methods to work against depression and stress.

Eat foods that improve the Brain – the brain like other organs of our body requires food to fuel it and certain foods boosts memory. These foods include good fats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Omega-3 is essential fatty acids that influence the brain in a positive way and are also found naturally in fish. It is known that the danger of Alzheimer’s disease is cut in the common people that include fish in the diet.

Vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants, for instance melon, mangoes, broccoli and spinach etc function as substances that protect the brain from damage. Reasonable usage of wine and grape juice increases memory. Particularly, red wine increases the flow of blood to our brain. As an exercise to the brain, think and do new and interesting things. New challenges and change in routine will persuade your brain to work with new and fresh ways giving it a good exercise.

Mnemonic mechanisms – Using hints equip us to commit things to memory because this involves efforts of the mind. One example is linking information with an image. The suggestions stated above are only a few essential considerations for your way of life which will help you boost your memory and keep you healthy at all times. Last but not the least meditation stimulates the potential area of our brain that encourages feelings of well-being and joy.

image source:pixabay


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