Can You Sacrifice Your Fortune For Love?

He was just an ordinary guy. Luck sided him, when he and his two friends made an earning website and patronized by many and even sold some shares of it. They became instant millionaires.

One day the other millionaire guy saw on t.v. the lady she knew way back in law school and suddenly reminisced the old flame. Both of them never finished their law school. He became busy with his friends creating a website and the lady became a factory worker and a leader of the factory union protesting about the incoming closure of the factory. She pleaded on television to help them make their source of income continue by inviting individuals to save their dying factory.

Without hesitation, the guy set an appointment to the current owner of the factory and buy it out. But they made a deal that the owner will not reveal to his employees about the identity of the new owner and that the millionaire guy will pretend to be a new recruit for the factory. 

And things happened just what the millionaire guy wanted it to be. He became a new worker and was able to get closer to the lady he still love and he found out what are the employee’s lacking needs. 

From there, he spent his fortune to give what the employees wants just to impressed the lady he love and to the point that he became generous to each employees and pampered them with many things that you could not imagine you can see and experience in an ordinary factory, but only to found out that one day, his financial adviser told him, that his fortune are rapidly diminishing and that he could no longer sustain to run the juice factory. 


The millionaire guy gathered his co-employees and courageously admitted to them, that he is the new owner and that the factory will soon be closed because he is already broke and there is no market for their products. Most of them got mad including the lady he loves. As a result the company was temporary shut down until a new investor will come. 

Because of love he once spent his fortune to save the dying factory and it was also because of love that he was able to find a solution to market their product that let their workers to work again.

This is one of those nicest movie plot I saw last night. It was in French but the subtitle helped me understand it.  How many of us are inspired by love and can we really sacrifice our fortunes because of it?

puroypoi9/16/2016 credit to google image for the picture






  1. Treathyl FOX

    I’m sorry but that story did not sound very inspiring. If you love a woman, you’re clear in your head about your feelings. You need to figure out she truly feels. You don’t need to do extreme things to impress her. If you do then she is not going to return the love and she’ll probably wonder why you’re so crazy! Don’t no woman want a crazy man handling matters for the happy home she intends to build. Imagine if it was her kids instead of employees. Yeah I can believe that was a plot for a movie. 🙂

  2. John

    A love story in motion and a blast from millions to none with unsteady resolution in the end only to find out his love for her is nothing but an uproar and her co-worker. A self-destruct in the making of his love with no assurance how it came to be as if the lady has no interest in him! lol!

  3. Gil Camporazo

    That is the mysterious work of love. I may cite a Tagalog phrase about the power of love, “O Pag-ibig, kapag ikaw nasok sa puso ninuman. Hahamakin ang lahat. Masunod ka lamang.” (O love, if you gets into the everyone’s heart, nothing is impossible to follow you.)

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