Isn’t It Amazing That a Cat Always Knows How to Find Home?


I told you yesterday that one of my cats was lost. Now he is home. I know that cat knows how to go home. Mojacko, he is one of the cats that is very dear to me. I am his mother. I am taking care of him until the time that he wants to go out and stroll the neighborhood. I was really bothered last night because he was missing.

I am finger pointing to one of my neighbors because I remembered a situation hearing a cat that looks like hurt and someone from their house slammed the door very hard. I did not see Mojacko in there, so I can’t say they did something bad to my cat. It is quite hard to deal with this. I am suspecting everyone of doing something bad to my cat.

Early this morning, I and my dog were looking for the cat. Then after a while, I saw my dog with Mojacko. He finally went home. He looks dirty. I suspect that he was thrown very far from our neighborhood and Mojacko did go home with all of his might. Maybe he is thinking we will be looking for him and he needs to go home. He tried his best to get back home and he did it this morning.

This is not the first time that he was lost. It happened last year too. I suspect one of the neighbors throw him. Maybe they are thinking that when they throw a cat far away, they will never come back. They are very wrong. Cats have four legs and they know their owners. As long as they are alive, they will come back home no matter how you stop them. It also happened a lot of times to some of my cats. I wonder why other people keep throwing them out.

Now I can have a good rest because I’ve stopped worrying. It is hard when you are worrying and you don’t have an idea at all. I was praying earlier that God will guide him so that he can get home safe and it happened.


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  1. Priscilla King

    That’s the thing about male cats though. You’re their mother, but there comes a time in a guy’s life when he wants to leave his mother and hang out with friends! (“My” Mackerel came and went for several years.)

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @andriaperry I also have some cats that are going in and out of the house but maybe because they are not close to me that is why I don’t bother.

    @brendamarie I am glad sissy he came back for me.

    @priscillaking Yes I agree, there is a thing with males that they are looking for mates that they have to be in the street even during the night.

  3. Sandy KS

    I am glad your cat came back. We lost our cat while on vacation. The cat got out of the house through an open it created by the AC. The peopel watching our home. Did not go look for the cat. just told us it was gone. She hasn’t came back.

  4. ANDRE' G

    I’m happy that your cat returned. We have always had Cats in our family. Unfortunately the last one, a black male named Jet was run over when he was crossing the freeway. My daughter who knew him, saw his little body at the side of the road which she took to her home and buried. Regards Andre’

  5. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @stbrians I would love to read that.

    @tranquilpen I am so sorry to what happened to Jet. He must be really precious that you remembered him until now.

    @kheavvattana cats have different personalities, some stay home, some loves adventure, I have the mix of both.

    @kyuminette he just like to go on an adventure or not a stay home cat sissy

    @rusty2rusty I think they did not look for your cat or maybe your cat runs very quick and went too far. I am so sorry for that cat never came back.

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