Cats and the afterlife

Cats were either good and more often the bad omens through the centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians love to pet them in their homes as they were considered to be the connection between this world and the afterlife. Cats were, mostly black one, also burnt alive during the dark ages under the belief that they are the devils conspirators. To this date we have some deep rooted pagan superstitions that mark a cat like something evil, bad or even demonic. Some people treat the cats rather rude and bad, or think it is a bad news if a black cat crosses your way.


Cat is far less from the bad reputation that follows it; it is the most wanted house and family pet accross the planet. People take care of them and tidy them as their own children – just for the little of the comfort they provide. These animals are also known as a huge stress relievers. Their gentle furr and comfortable purring sounds actually do relax and cause stress relief as well. Cats are also the night animals, predators and skillful hunters equipped by very distinct set of tools and profound senses of hearing, smell and vibration alike. Cat is very useful and friendly animal that will reward your attention and love with affection and pest control no technology may compete with.


  1. S.L. Luna

    Love cats. Have a Siamese before. Now I have an adopted white stray cat I named Anakin, he’s around 4 months old and I also have a black cat named Markus, also adopted he is more than 5 years old so , and newly christened as Vader, Since he gives a lot of mentoring and teaching the new cat some dirty tricks and how things can be done without getting caught. The little cat has now changed a lot of his behavior as he grows up, I have photoshoots done capturing them in different occasions. I have my cat on my belly most of the times and my blood pressure seem to stabilize. Also visited a cat cafe in Tokyo and it was amazing there, Japanese are cat people. Thanks for the article , really liked reeducating us on the background .

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