Celebrating National Black Dog Day

Some of us are very happy that today is National Black Dog Day, a day that is celebrated in the United States to recognize black dogs. This may seem odd to those who have black dogs, but there are many who fear such dogs. It is hoped celebrations such as National Black Dog Day will make a difference. 

National Black Dog Day is celebrated on October 1, with many groups promoting the adoption of shelter dogs and rescue dogs that are black. All black dogs are recognized on National Black Dog Day, no matter what the age or the breed of the dog. It is true that black dogs are often picked last when there are other dogs available to choose from at a shelter or from a dog rescue group.
In the Charlotte area today, several groups held events for National Black Dog Day in convenient locations to help some black dogs find new homes. The event is always a success in that at least some black dogs will find their forever homes. However, we all know that not all of the black dogs will be adopted today.
The photo with this article is of a black dog that might have been overlooked if it lived in a shelter situation. Once a stray that could have been euthanized, this happy dog has a home where it is safe and cared for, although some might find such a black dog intimidating. 
Pet stores and Human Society groups throughout the United States also held some type of event today to bring black dogs needing adoption to the attention of the general public. With thousands of dogs waiting for homes around the world, it is hoped at least a few more will be adopted today. 

Anyone considering adopting a dog might want to think about a black dog for several reasons. Black dogs are not any different than any other dog you see, except for in appearance. When black dogs are continually overlooked in shelters, they may eventually be euthanized. The efforts by shelters and animal rescue groups on National Black Dog Day might help prevent this from happening to more dogs if more people realize what eventually happens to the dogs that are continually overlooked.

As National Black Dog Day comes to a close, we realize that black dogs are available for adoption all days, not just today, National Black Dog Day. Hopefully readers considering adding a dog to their household will consider a black dog. Contact your local shelter or a rescue group if you think you have room for a black dog in your life. 



  1. Donna Thacker

    I once had a cocker spaniel that was solid black. She was beautiful. I don’t see why some folks think a black dog is not pretty or interesting looking. It’s a shame that they get overlooked by those seeking to adopt.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Two of our dogs are black and just as friendly and loving as the other dogs, so we always wonder why people have such feelings.

  2. Jacky Hughes

    My family also had a black cocker spaniel. Black cats are not liked by the superstitious, but I have never heard of people having a problem with dogs here in the UK. However, my Nan used to tell us we woke up with a black dog on our shoulder if we were in a bad mood.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    I find this celebration a unique one. In our country, we never commemorate event for the dogs. In some festivities, we have contest on dog’s trick, hygiene, among others. And we are not very particular with the dog’s color.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Here in the United States it seems we have special events for every type of animal.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      No wonder in your place you are strongly advocating the slogan “be kind to animals”. Here in our country, it falls into the deaf ears of the people.

  4. Ceci

    I scared of the big size dogs, only love those small dogs. It could be a friend of mine was bitten by a dog during my childhood time. A nightmare!

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