Celery and Fishes, Are They Important?

The place is full of people, coming to and fro. You can see different stalls and improvised table for selling products, commodities, wares, and vegetables. That is the normal scene you can see in our place when it is a market day. Today is Saturday. The nearby where our market is located is full of temporary or ambulant vendors.

I was going to the market with our smart 3-year old chubby granddaughter. She went with me to find her grandmother who is taking care of her while her mother is working abroad. I was also going to bring my wife to a food stall for she hadn’t eaten her breakfast yet. It took us an hour or so, but we couldn’t find my wife. The sea of people had made our search difficult.

I passed by a stall where I used to buy my celery supply for the week. Sad to say, I was unable to get it. The stock was already exhausted for I arrived already late in the morning. Celery was very scarce in our place. It was usually ordered from Baguio where it was grown. That place is too far from us.

My granddaughter called my attention. She wanted to buy a fish for our aquarium at home. Small fishes are sold in a plastic with water and they’re very costly. Five fishes cost P30 (more than a USD dollar). I wasn’t able to buy them and my celery for it’s already noon. We had to go home to catch my wife who is probably at home.

Well, celery and fishes haven’t been bought.


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I make myself come early in the market especially during the market day to catch up the available supply of celery and those fishes would be brought later for our small aquarium needs to be cleaned.

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