Chicharron ni Mang Juan, Truly a Filipino Snack

There was one time, a celebrity reality show in television featured this snack food as part of their meal inside the house and this one started the commotion. Remember PBB Teen Edition? Chicharron ni Mang Juan became famous during those times because it was the reason of misunderstanding. Anyway, I did not like this snacks because of that, infact, during the time that advertisement are marketing this snack, I was regularly buying it in the market. 

I love Chicharron ni Mang Juan because of the reason I love Chicharron, but, this snacks is healthier as it is made from dehydrated green peas, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Tapioca Starch, Dehydrated Potatoes, Seasoning Powder and some spices. It has a lot of flavors but the original one is the sour tastes because it has sukang paombong or vinegar. 

Chicharron in Mang Juan snacks really changed the traditional snack foods that Pinoy loves because it is a snack, but a healthy one, compared to other snacks that only give you MSG over load. From there on, this snack have been part of my grocery lists because my family loves this so much. We are eating this while watching DVDs or just chatting before sleeping. If you ask me, eating this snack is my favorite past time after being busy working online. It tastes good, it really satisfy my taste bud. Some people find it salty but not me. I could eat a pack only by myself and this little thing could bring joy to me already.

Image credit to @grecy



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