Child Labour in India

From always child labor is an issue and a main problem for our country. We all know that its an illegal but still we ignore it. Everyday we saw many children begging on traffic lights, many children’s sell some small products like pen, balloons, etc, some children are doing boot polish work and lots of work they are doing. We can see child labor on Dhabas and many places.

Sorry to say this but unfortunately India is world largest country in which child labor rate is so high, and its increasing day by day.We just said that Child labor is wrong or not good. But did we take any step against it. When we saw a children do work.

We know if they are doing work in little age there should be any reasons or problems. But we should take step against it. And more specially government need to take an efficient step to stop child labor, because child labor is wrong in every way. Because they are also children like us and they have also right to play and learn. They have right to go school and colleges like us. But due to the negligence of us and ignorance of government. They children loosing their childhood.


I am requesting to government please take an effective step against this as soon as possible.


  1. Taruna Post author

    Ohh its sad, but we all have some situations and problems due to this we have to start earning in childhood.
    In India too person have to be 16 or more to work but there less than 16 years of children working and due to this they cant get educate itself.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I worked at school at the age of 12 as an assistant to the teacher and librarian. I used the earnings as my allowance. I wear my uniform so it is not obvious I am working

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    It seems many don’t realize how serious this is and how young the children are in India working or begging for money. It would be great if it could stop everywhere.

  4. Taruna Post author

    So true Ma’am Pat Z Anthony , No one is serious for the future of young childrens, And most important government is doing nothing for them.

  5. Taruna Post author

    Vinaya its good in your country child labour is punishable by law but In India there is no rules and law for them.

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