Children in Today’s Society


Children’s Behavior Reflecting Parents’ Personality

We have been taught by our parents to always do what is right. So as a child, whatever we see in them, we imitate. In the eyes of the child, every action that they see in adults, they assume that it is the right thing to do. I have met children who might be a bit naughty at times, but that is fine. I can understand them. I have also been like them. But what shocked me was when one child went to another person, probably her relative and asked permission if she can have the cake on the table. We were in a party that time. The lady wasn’t able to hear her right away coz she was talking to another lady beside her. Then I heard the kid’s mom tell her, Just take it! I mean, really? She expects her kids to be really obedient kids and yet she is setting a bad example. If you were in that situation, would you just tell your kid to take it without asking permission?  I find it odd why parents would always want a short cut on things just so they can get rid of their children’s qualms. It even goes to the point of no longer thinking if they impart positive values to their kids or not. Example, mom is on Facebook chatting with friends, then, her child suddenly calls her to get food for her. The mom blurts out and says, “Get it yourself. I am busy!”. So child helps herself and then CRASH! The tall glass of juice falls on the floor thus splinters covered all over the kitchen. Her mom then, marches in and yells at her and calls her names.  Kid gets rebellious when they grow up coz they feel they are not given that much attention. Now people ask why children have become this way compared to those from yesteryears. They blame it on the food that kids eat now, or even to peers (which probably can be true), and from the exposure from multi-media.  Really?


Turning to the Virtual World

Social media sites do have a huge impact on the behavior on children. They are being exposed to crime and violence when they have access on certain sites which should be only for aged 18 years old and above. Children are very inquisitive of so many things that with just one click, they could get the answer but unfortunately, there are “virtual demons” which can make these children fall into their trap.

Parents should be more vigilant in taking care of their children. Children may turn to the online world to look for something that could make they feel good and important but end up endangering themselves.


  1. Ceci

    Totally agree with you, the children is the mirror to the adult, they reflect our habits,behaviour, the whole thing.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      It’s really difficult to be strict with our children ant the same time be on the soft side so they’d know that we do love them despite everything that may have come between us. I guess, a real good relationship with our children is the key.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I can agree that we need to be consistent with our kids, especially when it comes to setting an example for how they should treat others or behave in public. That being said, even the best parents will slip up in situations such as you describe. Parties can be very stressful for parents of small children, as are stores and movie theatres, and other public places. People are very quick to judge a parent who loses her cool under these circumstances – especially people who have no children or for whom parenting happened decades ago….

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