Church Business: The Ultimate Method of Building the Biggest Church in the World

The Quest to Build the Biggest Church.

Have you ever wondered why there are as many churches as there are ministers in the world? Every church minister wants to have the biggest church in the world. Is it church business or a quest to bring many followers to eternity? As you continue wondering about these; you should count the number of times churches break up around the world. Why? If the thirst was to be quenched by bringing people into the arms of God, then churches would not break. All would live in love as Jesus Christ prescribed. There is something that we are not being told here. Somebody should have an ultimate method of building the biggest church in the world whether it is business or spirituality.


Great Names with the Biggest Churches

There exist in the world what we might call the biggest churches, flashing very big titles. If the faithful were to go to heaven due to the big names, then surely these churches would have achieved their objectives. Yet, stop and observe: the majority of the regulars in these churches are far from eternity. They still bathe in their sins after church. Many may be attracted by the miracles and healing in these great churches. Yet are miracles the ultimate method of building the biggest church in the world? Oh, no! These may just be a means to an end. The Lord Jesus Christ also did miracles. Are big names and big congregations then the ultimate method? The Gilbert Deya Miracle Babies saga is still fresh in our minds. He was trafficking children to give to infertile women, claiming he had the power to heal infertility. 


Christianity Boasts to be the Biggest Church in the World

Do not get mixed up with denomination, ministry or church. These terms always interchange according to the situation and what you want to express. Christianity boasts a total world population of above 2.2 billion people according to the survey of 2012. If that is the case, then Jesus Christ holds the ultimate method of having the biggest church in the world. First His church business was for people to have spirituality and inherit the kingdom of the world. Church ministers should emulate Him.


The Ultimate Path to Having The Biggest Church in the World

Here is now the ultimate method of having the biggest church in the world. Since we are emulating our master Jesus Christ, then the method is simple.

  • Be born of a virgin birth.
  • Start your ministry at 30 years of age.
  • Preach for 3 years.
  • Be crucified dead and buried.
  • Rise up on the third day and descend into Heaven.
  • Come back after a time to judge the quick and the dead.

There you have it. That is the ultimate method of having the biggest church in the world. Your church business is complete.


Image: Lapcik_Vogerbitch/Pixabay/CCO  (public domain)


  1. Gil Camporazo

    It is not the point of constructing a big edifice for the Church to attract more people to Christianity. It is the faith. When regards to building churches big or small is for the people worshipping the Lord to have a better place or refuge for their worship. Those Churches are too expensive to build. Well, some of those Churches, they have believe that they have been commanded by God to build such huge building for worship. Since time immemorial, ancient Churches of different structure and engineering style were monstrous.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I got it. I know it. Our Church does build regular meetinghouse enough to house the number of members in a particular place, but our temple is big enough to accommodate temple workers doing the sacred ordinances inside the temple.

  2. Rex Trulove

    I’ve never cared about the size of the building. The building is a thing of this world and the Bible explicitly says that God is against the things of this world. Rather than bigger churches, we need more of them. Many places in the world have no churches or very few, and in a number of places, a Christian church is against the law. That doesn’t stop missionaries from preaching the good news, but it makes it more difficult.

    To me, a big church is a sign of worldly opulence rather than the glory of God.

  3. Treathyl FOX

    You left out the fact the Only One Person who could do that, already did just that. Which means … nobody else can build His Church and that particular process will never be repeated. No need to. He did it right the first time. Blessings! 🙂

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