Communication is Powerful and Needed

Hi readers! I need some help here. I am so excited that I get to do my first presentation at a major event. Funny how at times things work out. I just want it to be a good one and I am sure it will be.

I am thinking about talking about Communication to a group. There are so many forms of Communication from the telephone, to talking, to now texting and social media. What is your favorite medium to communicate? I am excited about it. I need some ideas for a game and such. Perhaps a small charades game…that would be fun and force folks to use different forms of communication. Perhaps that Telephone game too to show how rumors start etc. I am going to have to look this one up for a fun game.

I am thinking of this acronym too to start off things. What do you all think and what other words would you use. I still have time to change things. Here is what I have:

Communication is so important in our lives. It is how we are able to do things. We need to talk, text, use body language etc to get our point across both at the workplace and home. Communication is a powerful tool and we use it in some capacity every moment of our life whether we realize it or not. Is there a day that has gone by that communication was not a part of it? Even if you are by yourself, your body is communicating with the brain to keep you alive. As you can see, you cannot run away from communication as it is everywhere. What are you thoughts about communication?

If I had to break down Communication, I would do it this way in this acronym form:








C–Choose (as in chose your words wisely)

A–Assume (do not do this–that is why we communicate)


I–Interrupt (don’t do this)


N–No (it is OK to say NO when it comes to communication or not agreeing with something)

That is what I have so far. Anything else? How does your culture or area communicate? Do you have a different style you communicate with those at work versus at home? To you loved ones versus your friend? Any other words that may be better. Help me to make this Communication presentation worth it. Thank you and Happy Communicating! Remember, it is your lifeline.

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  1. Treathyl FOX

    My favorite of communication? I like writing because nobody can interrupt me when I’m trying to make a point. It’s a form of communication I can never use with my husband who constantly interrupts me!! 🙂

    As for others, they can either ignore me by not reading what I wrote or take it a step further and delete what I’ve written. To borrow/modify a quote from TV chef Emeril – “Go ahead! It won’t hurt my feelings.” What I’ve written, I’ve written. 🙂

  2. Rex Trulove

    I’ve just been talking about communication, in fact. I was pointing out that in a face to face conversation, most communication consists of body language, facial expression and voice inflection. Only 10% is in the words that are used. This means that to communicate well in printed form, a person must be very good at selecting their words, because they’ll be lacking 90% of the normal communication. Some day, perhaps I will become good at it.

  3. Olivia Morris

    I still prefer the old fashioned way of communicating, especially with good friends and family. Although not always possible, I do make every attempt to at least have a verbal conversation with family members weekly. I don’t text, or instagram, yet…..there’s always room to grow.

  4. Andria Perry

    Good old face to face, why? because people can actually see and hear what you are saying and not jump into a rage because they misunderstand.

    I stumbled this article.

  5. Jo Pin

    It takes two to communicate. It’s a two-way process. Without communication there’ll be no relationship and I prefer a real face-to-face communication than text as it can caused misunderstanding and miscommunication. My opinion.

  6. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    I agree with you communication is very much important in our life and it become a part of the life indeed. If we want express our emotions or feeling or to tell something to others we need to do communicate. I feel a healthy communication is a personal face to face communication than communicating with the instruments.

  7. Kyla Matton Osborne

    The “A” could also be used to mention “authenticity.” This is important because you need to be genuine and truthful in communications in order to establish credibility and clout.

    1. Obi Ka Post author

      I like that and may just use it. That word will work for the workplace and home/family life. Thank you!

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