Complementary: What of Fifty thousand Comments?

Would you rather have fifty thousand comments on your post? It sounds like a fantasy but it is a reality. How? That is the million dollar question. All the comments happen to be yours. You are the sole commentator on your article. What the heck in the world should I do that for? Read on, you will find out.

You have written this great post. You took your time and energy. You invested much in it. Maybe you took a whelming 56 years to research and finally put together like this one of mine. Yours may have taken the same time, maybe more or less. The grammar is just right. The story flows with the right syntax, plot and what have you. It is a great story.

You have submitted the story but nobody reads it. There is no single comment. That is when you begin to promote it. You take your link on all social networks. It is on facebook, yahoo, google+, stumbleupon and others. Still there is no view, comment nor like. Your SEO is right and so are your keywords. (Do not tire but read on please)

It is time you wait no more. Sit down and give yourself fifty thousand comments. Oh no, stop! I do not mean blog like this one. Am talking about the article which is your life. Do not wait for people to comment about it. Do it yourself. Compliment yourself if you do a good job. Be the first to see that you are beautiful, smart and well attired. Let others follow in your prints. If that is not fifty thousand comments then I wonder what is.You have to compliment it for yourself.

Do not look for compliments if you cannot compliment yourself. The mirror happens to show you what you seek in it. Always do your best. Take holidays and treat yourself to a nice meal. Exercise daily. That is the best you can do to yourself.

Life can be exceedingly boring if what you always try to do is to make others notice you. If they do not notice, you feel so bad about them and about yourself. Many who take away their lives fall in this category. Let your glamour shine because you appreciate yourself make others notice you. The charisma is like a magnet that pulls to you in a great attraction. Sulking is a close relative of repulsion. You may nudge to be noticed but end up a disappointed person because you are avoided. Do the best and be the first one to compliment yourself.

Feature image by GRAPHE/Pixabay free images/CCO


  1. Tania K Cowling

    Yes, a pat on the back, a complement to ourselves is truly needed in order to love ourselves and gain peace. Love this inspirational post.

  2. Aston Emile

    Interesting… Inspiring. I should do some posts on blog Bourne. com too. Now how do I get started?

  3. Gil Camporazo

    In the first place, what is your purpose of writing? What is your topic and who are your readers or audience? These are the basic questions to be answered viably. If you couldn’t answer this straight, then there is no use of writing online.

    1. Vickie Ewell

      @stbrians Your purpose in writing this article was to encourage people to compliment themselves. That’s your topic. Your readers or audience are those who are looking to others for approval instead of complimenting themselves for being the best that they can be. However, I totally disagree with the idea above that there is no use in writing online if you don’t have a clear view of who your reader is. Many writers have trouble with that.

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