Consider a Weekend Excursion Glamping

Sunday, July 31, 2016

While watching some youtube videos, I stumbled upon Glamping. I have never heard of this word before, but apparently many people have because there are lots of videos about it. There are Glamping resorts all over America, and they look like safari motels.

Glamping is defined as Glamour Camping, where I guess you don’t rough it in the wild like regular camping. Glamping resorts include comfortable bedding and furniture as well as a full bathroom. Now, that is my kind of camping! Regular camping is like Survivor reality show but without the challenges and games.

Anyway, for fun, I decided to create my own Glamping video, based on photographs and snapshots that I have.

I think Glamping might be a good place for a romantic getaway for lovers, and even a honeymoon for newlyweds. It look adventurous, fun, and romantic.

Since August is the last month of summer, people can still make some last minute summer vacation plans, even it is a weekend excursion, whether for family bonding, a group of friends, or a couple.

You can also take it a step further by going to a hotel for your Glamping, where your experience camping in the middle of the city, which is like an urban jungle. The city, such as NYC, LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Paris, and London, is filled with exciting activities, events and parties, from day to night. And, when you are back in your hotel, you can enjoy the glamorous part of your vacation, which includes spa, gym, poolside lounging and Jacuzzi, dining, and room service.

Check out my Glamping video under Ideas for Glamping 2016.


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