Consider Blogbourne to Consider Learning

Last night I was be able to contact my friends somewhere in virtual world. His name is Poi 🙂 wahehehhe. I was asking what are his online activities except the legit site that we’have been together. And he introduced the Blogbourne site which is this site. In the past 2 years been working online as writer and a reviewer. I noticed to my self that there are no writing site last long. But in the need to hasten my writing skills badly, I considered this site to sign it up and make a wave to do my passion and take charge as one of my experiences in writing.

Hello there!, my name is Ricardo from the Philippines. I know lots of my kababayan here are signed up already. And I do believe in that “Filipinos everywhere are  truly excels”. The passion, determination and the courage to pursue our aspiration are the key to help us mold in every path we want to take, and that is what Filipinos are doing for.

So let start making new ideas and create a better article to make this site more resilient and efficient to those who will browse. Through that, it will lead this site as one of the most inspirational to other future generation blog site. See you again here writers.


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