Completed The Ultimate Blog Challenge UBC

It was a long tough journey but I finished the Ultimate Blog Challenge a few days early. So I will take my little badge and run with it.

It was a tiring challenge to produce 31 SEO friendly posts plus promote the posts every day. For those not familiar with the UBC challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge is a month long challenge which occurs four times a year in January, April, July and October.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is free to participate.

So why do you need a challenge to write a post a day? One does not. Apparently I did as otherwise I highly doubt I would do it.

Will traffic increase to your site? Mine did.

Will google ‘like you’ more if you are posting regularly. It will.

Will traffic equal increased revenue? It can.

Why The UBC Was A Challenge

The challenge part of the “challenge” for me was posting content which was SEO and therefore the goal of increasing revenue and increasing social media promotion. This month is the month of Twitter and Pinterest to increase quality followers.

However, those were just my personal goals as part of my challenge. Posts do not have to be SEO friendly for the UBC. Pretty much any type of post counts toward the challenge. I’d choose a month with 30 days though!

Final Tally:

Main site: 20 SEO posts

Secondary site: 9 SEO posts

Blogbourne: 2 SEO posts

Wordless Wednesday posts: 4 posts

Total: 35 posts

Completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Will I Participate Again In The UBC?

Probably not.

While feasible for some, it is not feasible with my job to produce and promote that much content much of which is evergreen and takes longer to write plus the images for social media promotion.

However, as it turns out with the very hot weather being inside with the computer was a bonus with the air conditioning.


    1. GL Brown Post author

      You’ve been busy rebuilding ! What a task that is in itself, you will be ready soon

  1. Sandy KS

    I may do it in October. I do enjoy taking on challenges. The longest challenge I took and finish was a 52 week ABC Emotions Challenge last year. I wrote on a certain day each week for an entire year about a different emotion. Let me tell you it was worth it. I was able to get some long time baggage of my chest and shoulders.

    1. GL Brown Post author

      Wow! 52 weeks! Congrats and that does sound like a good kind of challenge….

    1. GL Brown Post author

      I’ll pop a little post on here about it , it’s a feature I was wondering if they will add …

  2. Barbara Radisavljevic

    Congrats on completing this. I realized after day eight I should not have taken it on. I would rather write fewer posts and make them quality than do quick posts just to meet the challenge. I did not want to dilute the quality of my blogs to produce the quantity required. It takes me hours to write a quality post for one of my sites. I knew I couldn’t do it and still post to my other blogs — even occasionally. It seemed smarter to just quit and do what made sense.

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