Cows Can Feed On Flesh!


We all believe that cows feed on grass or greens. That is true and I tend to believe in it. Yet cows also do feed on flesh. It is amazing that I have often seen my cow feed on plastic containers like polythene papers.


A Queer Text Message!

Today in church there was this message that my daughter sends me that almost drove me nuts. “Our cow has eaten one of your two months chicken.” No, this was too much! How can the cow avoid the grass I had set before it and resort to feeding on my chicken? It must be ashamed of itself.


My Cow!

My cow has a very queer appetite. It happens to feed on any material that comes its way. One time I caught it feeding on a piece of bone that was lying near it. I have ordered all materials like bones and polythene papers to be collected and the place left clean. YET HOW DO YOU STOP ROAMING CHICKEN FROM COMING NEAR THE COW? One day it will feed on me. I am getting the chills!


Are Cows Colour Blind!

Surely cows should be color blind. That is why they feed on anything. Although cows have a stomach to store all the indigestible yet one time they fill up and may kill the cow. It goes without say that my cow will end up at a butchery soon than it expects.


  1. Isabel

    Interesting! I’ve never seen or heard of a cow eating chicken, though I heard it usually eats the sac of the calf it gave birth to.

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