Crows, What Do You Think of Them?

Are you afraid of crows? I know some people who are afraid of these amazing birds. Crows can remember people; maybe that is why some people fear crows. I think they are very interest birds. I have never had a fear of them. Crows seem to flock around me.

Crows All Over

Crows seem to follow me around. I have always seen this as a good thing. I believe, that crows somehow help spirits watch over their loved ones who are still on Earth. Crows have always followed me.

When I was in my twenties, I went to massage school. My father had always wanted me to go. He thought I would be good at massage, and it cost a lot least than going to school for physical therapy. When I first started at the school, there was a flock of crows outside, as if telling me that my father was proud of me for finally going to school. Every day there was a crow that seemed to be watching everything that I did.

Crows All Around My House

There are always crows around my house. I love to look at them and listen to them. There are people who believe, that birds can send messages from other worlds. Some people think bird are good or bad omens. If they are good or bad, all depends on, what one was told. I have never seen them as bad because they are of nature, and nature is good. There are always crows around my home, and they never bother anyone.

What do you think of crows? Do you find crows interesting? Do you have any superstitions about crows?

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  1. grace

    Crows are my friends too. We do not have many. I too heard that if they crow continuously there will be guests. It may be a coincidence but it has happened many times. 🙂

    1. grace

      Attributing bad things happening to us to crows is wrong. Wrong things happen to every one whether there are crows or no crows.

  2. Andria Perry

    After I moved I had two crows come to my new place daily. I had just lost my dad, he was my best friend. I was in deep grief over his passing. Then I moved again a couple years later and when I moved I had more crows. But these crows became destructive to my garden and my food. Tony went outside and shot his gun in the air and I don’t see those crows anymore. Like you said they “know” so they left, knowing they were no longer welcome.
    I still miss my dad but when he did that I did feel like that part of my grieving was over.

  3. Priscilla King

    The superstition I learned was that the number of crows carries the message. One for sorrow, two for joy, more for various other things ahead. The fun fact is that yes, they do recognize people and harass their enemies, so if you’ve mistreated a crow, beware of crows!

    “One for sorrow” might also refer to the way crows and ravens approach food. They like fresh meat but can’t bite into it, so they invite other predators to dig in, hoping to get a share. This occasionally means bad news in the sense of “Oh that poor little rabbit” and might even mean bad news in the sense that, while one bird has called a human, another one has called a bear to the same food source. (I’ve been shown things I didn’t enjoy seeing, by crows.)

  4. Vinaya

    In our culture, crows are messengers of Death God. However, crows crowing always does not mean death. It also tells that guests are coming.

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