Cruelty towards animals – Absolutely Brutal


As upsetting as the picture may look, it really happened.

This poor animal was thrown off a terrace in a city in India. Two Chennai students decided to toss a dog over the top of a high building just out of fun. The terrified dog, hurt and scared to death was miraculously found alive even though these two mongrels thought he was dead.

The poor animal was found by the police and is on its way to recovery. The hunt for the two criminals is still on.

People who identified the building from the video that went viral, seem to say that this little pup would spend his nights under the staircase of the boy that took the video of his friend while he flung the dog off the terrace.

The veterinarians seem to say that the dog is absolutely frightened but on his way to walking and will be fine very soon with all the love and care being given to him.

These kind of horrible cruel hearted people are dangerous to society. If they do not have respect for dogs who are speechless creatures, what respect would they have for children?

They need to suffer and be taught a good lesson.

I’m just glad the dog is fine.

What do you think about this horrible incident?


  1. grace

    We have a college here where students live in nearby buildings. They get dogs for them and leave them on the streets when they leave the place. Such is the mindset of the present generation.

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