Day 1 of Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio

Saturday, August 06, 2016

I woke up around seven and ate my breakfast. The Olympic Games started at 8am, with rowing, cycling, swimming, volleyball, and water polo. I decided to watch for a little bit until 9:30am because I wanted to check out a local meetup at 10am. They shot a couple of clips for a short film, before eating some lunch. By 1:30pm, I came home to check out Summer Olympic Games, which is mostly swimming. It was announced that a couple of Americans already won a metal at different sports.

Although UCI has a good water polo team, I don’t know too much about the sport, even though I think it looks fun because it is like playing keep away in the water. Cycling is more fun when doing it, or at least cycling when watching television at the gym. Like Swimming, it can be fun watching cycling if you are rooting for a particular team. I am not rooting for a particular country, even though I was raised in USA. I prefer to watch them compete, and root for the person who I feel are doing a good job and I like their athletic performance, regardless which country the athlete is from. I personally don’t know any of these people to want to root for a particular person. So, I prefer to root for the best performance, or whoever I feel is the best athlete.

While on Facebook, I suddenly noticed that time is 3:33pm. What’s it telling me now?

At 8pm, at the Day 1 of Summer Olympics continued with Men’s Gymnastics, where Brazil is doing well, but USA did average. I am not sure if any of these teams actually received a medal, or they just one a match, and it might be different later.

Meanwhile, in men’s swimming, Japan will likely get a bronze medal but USA was a little stronger and will probably get gold or silver medal. In women’s swimming, Australia will likely get gold in women’s swimming, while USA might get silver. China beats Switzerland in volleyball match.

In the summer Olympics, I am mostly interesting in synchronized swimming and gymnastics. I also want to watch Serena and Venus Williams playing tennis together, but I am not sure what day they are on. Soccer is also fun, especially to play. But sometimes it is hard to follow when watching a game because it is hard to follow the ball.

Wow, this is kind of confusing that I am not sure who will actually win, although some athletes already received a medal, and some were from USA.


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