Day 10 of Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio

Monday, August 15, 2016

I woke up around noon, which is probably because of all the late nights watching the Olympic Games, and I needed my sleep. So, I guess I will skip yoga class today, and just draw as well as blog all day.

At noon, the Olympics started with men’s and women’s hurdles, before women’s swimming race. But I decided to just watch because it is all heats to pick the best for the final round.

I turned on my computer, and I entered IMVU, and I accepted a chat request. When I entered the male avatar’s house, I noticed the hammock with stand that I want to get in real life inside his IMVU house. I wonder if this is a sign reminding me to at least seek an affordable similar hammock in real life. Since my birthday is this weekend, I might start seeking stuff this week, this weekend, or the week after my birthday. I also need to seek 4 or 5 picture frames for my photos that I enlarged at Canon. And, I might also get one for a cute kitty poster that I have had since junior high.  I still have to call the car dealership to set an appointment for my Beetle’s yearly basic checkup and tuning, in which I do every summer. I just hope they don’t rip me off with unnecessary repairs.

It is interesting that when I clicked on Firefox Mozilla, there was a cute napping fox icon with the caption that today, August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and they took a day off with not doing any writing. Although yoga is a form of relaxation for me, I also took a day off by sleeping all morning because I have been sleeping late a lot to watch Olympics competitions during all night.

Next, Women’s Equestrian competition was highlighted before swimming competition resumed. Former Olympic Performer and Gold Medalist Tara L. and former Olympic Performer Johnny Weir explain fencing.

Women’s Rowing semifinal started, next.

Meanwhile, I decided to make a cup of green smoothie by blending sprouted tofu, cup of water, tablespoon of green boost power, and cup of ice in a blender. Then, I topped the drink with some cinnamon. I noticed that I have been sprinkling cinnamon on everything, lately, from smoothies, coffee drinks, to vegan ice cream. I enjoy making smoothies. But I also drank a cup of coffee early, in which I have read that caffeine isn’t good for detox days. Oh, well, I don’t really drink too much coffee per day anyway, maybe like one to three cups per day, in which I also read it is healthy if it is minimal.

Women’s gymnastics balance beam started pit with Netherland, USA, and China in the top three. It concluded with Netherland’s Sanna Wevers getting the Gold, USA’s Laurie Hernandez getting the Silver and USA’s Simone Biles getting the Bronze.

Men’s gymnastics horse vault concluded with PRK getting the Gold, Russia getting the Silver, and Japan getting the Bronze.

Women’s hammer throw concluded with Poland getting the Gold, China getting the Silver, and Great Britain getting the Bronze.

Men’s rings concluded with Greece getting the Gold, Brazil getting the Silver, and Russia getting the Bronze. Women’s 3000M Steeplechase concluded with BRN getting the Gold, Kenya getting the Silver, and USA getting the Bronze.

The “Individual Dressage” competition, which has to do with equestrian, concluded with Great Britain gets the Gold, while Germany gets the Silver and Bronze.

Men’s 100M concluded with Jamaica getting the Gold, USA getting the Silver, and Canada getting the Bronze. Men’s 400M concluded with South Africa getting the Gold, Grenada getting the Silver, and USA getting the Bronze. Women’s triple jump concluded with Columbia winning the Gold, Venezuela winning the Silver, and KAZ winning the Bronze. Women’s 75+kg concluded with China winning the Gold, PRK winning the Silver, and USA winning the Bronze. In the Men’s cycling sprint race, Great Britain wins Gold and Silver, while Russia wins Bronze. Men’s cycling omnium competition concluded with Italy winning the Gold, Great Britain winning the Silver, and Denmark winning the Bronze. Women’s gymnastics bars, in which I watched last night, concluded with Russia getting the Gold, USA getting the Silver, and Germany getting the Bronze.

Next, it was the Men’s volleyball game between USA and Brail. So far, it appears that Brazil is in the lead in the men’s quarterfinal game. Brazil beats USA, and Brazil will compete in the semifinals.

In the swimming duets, USA, Greece, and Mexico are in the top three. Oh, cool, this is synchronized swimming semifinals with two women. Russia performs first, in which other duet performers will try to beat.  Japan is in second place. Ukraine is in third place. USA performed next, and they made it into the finals, which will be tomorrow. Spain performs next, and they make it into fourth place. China is next, and China moves in second place, behind Russia and before Japan.

In the women’s open-water 10KM swimming marathon in the ocean, it appears that Netherlands is in first place. There are men in kayaks rowing next to the swimmers, I guess just in case of emergencies.  Netherland wins a Gold Medal, France gets Silver, and Italy gets Bronze. Brazil comes in fourth place.

While watching the swimming race, I glanced at different clocks, on the computer, microwave, and TV, and I noticed it all stated 4:44pm.

In women’s Water Polo, USA beats Brazil, 13 to 3.

For another break, I decided to make my salad dinner and Aztec cacao smoothie with a cup of ice. I didn’t add any cinnamon over this smoothie because the Aztec cacao has enough spices. As I fix my dinner, I notice that the time is 5:55pm.

I decided to add the characters in the last two pages I drew, and I decided it will be a meeting between the main character and her new friend.

As the men compete in the Men’s 110M race, it appears to be raining lightly overhead, but Jamaica, USA and Haiti are the top three in the semifinals, and they will likely move on to the final race. Jamaica wins Gold, USA wins Silver, and Canada wins Bronze.

In women’s 400M hurdles, Poland, Jamaica, and PUR are in top three. USA, Canada and Ukraine are top three for another heat.  Bahamas wins Gold, USA wins Silver, Jamaica wins Bronze.

In men’s 800M, Kenya wins Gold, Algeria wins Silver, and USA wins Bronze.

Men perform diving competition in the semifinal to pick the top men who will compete in the finals on Tuesday.

In men’s pole vault, Brazil wins Gold, France wins Silver, and USA wins Bronze.

In the Men’s gymnastics rings, Greece does well, and other gymnasts need to beat his score. Russia goes next, and he is in second place. North Korea’s Ri S. gets the Gold, Russia’s Denis A. gets Silver, and Japan’s Kenzo S. gets Bronze.

As I watched the Ryan Seacrest interviewing some Olympians, I realized that many of them are going to Stanford University.

(I don’t think I am watching all of the games because I sometimes wake up too late and miss some of the early morning games, as well as sometimes I end up going here and there for something, and I end up missing certain games that I would have wanted to watch).


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Filipinos have several noted athletes in swimming like Jasmine Al-Khaldi in women category and Joshua Hall in Men last year 2015 bagged the championship in Russia Olympics. I know we have more talented athletes that may rule world in Olympics someday.

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